Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Only Positive Thoughts Allowed

When I  became a Beachbody coach my upline Mindy encouraged us to read 11 pages of a motivational book every night, listen to 20 minutes from a motivational speaker and create goals daily. The only thing I haven't done is create daily goals, but I'm trying. The thing is I find my goals are the same for every day and most do not get done. I have started meditating, reading every day and listening to motivational speakers every day.

The first motivational thing I did was watch the documentary "The Secret." This was put off before because I thought it was some hippie new age thing. Nothing against hippies, hey I grew up in the 70s, I felt it didn't meet my beliefs as a Believer. I was wrong and very intrigued by what I learned and wanted to learn more.

It was weird because it made sense to me we attract what we think negative or positive. I know I'm a good writer and therefore I attract freelance writing jobs. I know I can't sell anything, even though that is not my true focus, so I don't make sells. Oh my gosh this is so simple, or is it? Every thing we attract comes from our sub-conscience not our conscience mind. Therefore we need to change our thoughts, but this takes time. It took time to build our thoughts as they are and therefore will take time to change certain thoughts. I have found that some are easy to change while others are not.

 I had my sub-conscience trained to get every day at 8 o'clock, but I wanted to wake up earlier. During my meditation I saw my self getting up earlier, felt how I would feel and said out loud how I love waking up at 6:30 in the morning. Low and behold I started waking up at 6:30 only problem is I go to the bathroom and back to sleep lol. Okay that needs some work, but the point is it worked no matter how small it worked.

 I just finished a book by Marc Allen called "The Greatest Secret of All: Simple Steps to Abundance, Fulfillment, and a Life Well Lived." It is a small book 119 pages, but very meaningful with some great quotes. From the book:

This is the greatest secret of all:

Loving and serving yourself and others is the key to fulfillment, happiness and inner peace.

There are three very simple things we can do to realize the greatest secret of all in our lives.

Love, serve, and remember, Remember what? Remember to love and serve, always.

I also purchased Zig Ziglar's audio series "Qualities of Success" to listen to in the van. When I first started wanting only positive things going into my mind I noticed all the music on the radio was negative even the Christian music. This is the only CD set I have right now and have already listened to the whole thing and am on my second time listening. I would rather hear it again than listen to anything that is on the radio.

I feel I have to get every negative thought out of my mind in order to truly become what the Father has created me to be. A good friend of mine who is a psychologist teaches a class at church called "Freedom From Your Past." She wrote this when she was battling breast cancer and dealt with her own horrific past. I decided to take the class even though I felt I had dealt with any and all issues from my past. However, if there were any I had not I wanted to find out and deal with them. Releasing my self from any negativity that would stand between a new life and living the current life. Not that it is bad, but come on we all must admit it can always be better.

Before the class started I searched my mind for any issue/issues I might be dealing with. Ahhhhh yes there is an issue inadequacy, steaming all the way back into my childhood. Do you remember the Brady Bunch episode where Jan has to deal with all of Marsha's achievements?  She says Marcia, Marcia, Marcia if you are to young to know what I'm talking about just watch the clip. The way Jan felt was how I realized I felt towards my older brother, he was smart, good looking, a great athlete, he won every game we ever played as children.It would have been fine if I didn't have to hear how wonderful and good looking he was every where I turned. I struggled in school, gained weight at age nine and was okay at the things I did. At any rate yes, I have some issues I need to deal with.

I have heard so many times that love would change this world and you know what it would. If we all would love each other where each of us is in our lives and for our unique qualities and stop criticizing and judging the world would be a much better place. The Beatles were right all we need is love, love is all we need.

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  1. Hi Joyce,
    I am always lifted by positive thoughts and reflections. I also love to share them with others. Thank you so much for sharing these positive inspirations with us at the Healthy, Happy, Green and Natural Party Blog Hop. I appreciate it!