Avoid Injuries

Photo Credit: Law office of Troy M. Moore
I have heard so many people complain about injuries while doing Tae Bo, one of my favorites by the way. The reason for this is that their form is not correct, form is very important not just to avoid injuries, but also to get the most out of a work out.

First up protect those joints, never ever lock your joints you always want to have a little bit of a bend in them. This goes for anything you are doing, throwing punches, working your biceps while standing up and so on.

When you are doing any type of upper work out using free weights while standing always keep your knees slightly bent. When working your biceps keep your elbows at your sides and do not lock your elbow at the bottom. Working your triceps over head the weight goes straight behind your head and comes up smooth again no locking those joints. Doing flys with elbows bent do not go any higher than  your shoulders, same thing with rows, no higher than the shoulders.

Doing lunges means your knee never goes beyond your toes. Stomach crunches can lead to developing the muscle out, don't want that, if not done correctly. First let me say the stomach has three sections and while most of the time they all work together it is best to work the upper, middle and lower separately. You want to suck that tummy in like you are trying to touch your back with your belly button and than contract the muscle as you lift and lower. Note that the back and stomach work together to support your core so a back work out is important also.

If you decided to work out at a gym be sure you know how to operate the machines properly. Incorrect usage can lead to injury. Snap Fitness where I go has a machine orientation, if your gym has one I highly recommend taking it. Also don't be afraid to ask someone for help if you are not sure about a machine or any other piece of equipment most individuals are happy to help.

I like to use a mirror to work out in front of, this allows me to make sure my form is correct.

Remember stay healthy and be safe, hugs all my beautiful friends.


  1. People wonder why they never get what they expected from their hard work. It's mainly because they’re doing it wrong. Making the most out of your workout and being able to avoid injuries both come along with doing it properly.

    Kristal Byrnes

    1. Kristal, you are so right, I love Tae Bo, and have heard so many people say they had hurt themselves while doing it. I truly believe it has to do with two things locking the elbow while throwing a punch, and inappropriate form. Thanks for commenting.

  2. It’s true. If you’ve gotten injured doing aerobics and Tae Bo, then there’s a high chance that you’re doing something wrong. That, or you’re not supposed to be doing any of it because you have a pre-existing injury/condition or just recovering from one.


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