Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

Some of you already know that I was born and raised in Chicago, not a suburb, but Chicago. In 2005, I remarried, a year after the death of my first husband, a man from West Tennessee and moved there. While my current husband does electronic repair, due to off shoring he can no longer get the parts he needs to repair certain items, so the Lord lead him to be a trucker. He called me one morning from New Orleans, and said listen, I can breath. While he could breath better in other states Louisiana would become our new home as of 2010.

While I grew up in the city, I have become a country girl. However, there are some things about Chicago that I miss.

The libraries, this is the one I used walk to while growing up.

There are so many libraries in Chicago just stacked with books, it looks small, but carries a lot.

There also just as many parks, snow, I miss snow. My children played here.
Learned to swim there, go off the diving board, and my daughter was on the swim team and played water polo.

The Field museum, one of many great museums in Chicago.
This five day event features samplings of food from a large selection of Chicago's restaurants.

If you go in the morning it is not as crowded, you can see it is a big event. It is where I had my first fried cheese stick.

So, those are the things I miss most about Chicago, I think it is easy to see why. Well, time to go need to finish up my homemade apple sauce, for the banana bread I will be making. Oh and there are the bathrooms and laundry which need to be tended to, then exercise and off to Bible study.

Did you move from where you grew up? What do you miss the most?