Thursday, June 28, 2012

Healthy Banana Bread

Photo credit: Its Your Life
My kitchen smells amazingly wonderful of home made healthy banana bread. It is so hot and humid down here I bought a bunch of fresh fruit the other day. I found a bag of over ripened bananas for a buck, whoot me!!!

But, I already knew they were going to be used for a recipe I found recently at 8 Weeks to a Better You Recipes. I had pinned the recipe, but printed it out in case it disappears. The recipes calls for a 1/2 of unsweetened apple sauce, well I love cooking and baking from scratch, and decided to make my own apples sauce, for the first time. I could not believe how easy it was, plus I used the water to make some apple, note add sugar slowly.

I had four red delicious apples, which was a good thing I found out after reading about how to make it over at Pick Your Own.  All I did was use my handy dandy apple wedger from Pampered Chef, then peel the skin off, which took the longest. I had a pot of water, added the apples, and went off to do other things while they cooked. Once they were done I used a strainer over a bowl to save the water. I put 1/2 a cup aside for use in the banana bread, and added cinnamon and sugar to taste to the rest. The boys loved it and I was both surprised and proud that I had made home made apple sauce that was easy, and tasted awesome!!

Photo credit: Tropical Traditions
So, this morning I set out to use the recipe I had found, and was excited to use both my homemade apple sauce, along with the raw organic honey I purchased from Tropical Traditions. This honey is the most amazing honey I have ever tasted, one of the boys also thought so, because half of the jar was already gone. The honey comes from Canada and is not always available, I wish my budget was not blown for the month I just saw they have it on sale for $12.99 instead of $19.99. Click the button on the right and then go to search on their site to find it easier.

Anyway this recipe is amazing in my book, the texture is moist, and the after taste is where you get the pop of flavor. At first it tastes kind of bland, but then the banana with a hint of honey comes through, and oh my goodness, sweet healthiness. What I really love about this recipe which is located under the recipe tab? There is no sugar required, and it calls for wheat flour. It is too bad there is no more honey left, because it would be awesome with some of that honey drizzled on it.

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