Friday, March 23, 2012

No Time to Work Out??

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I am going to a homeschool conference tomorrow to sell Usborne Books and More, I am a consultant. My books are packed up and ready to go, but there are some things I need to do around the house and need to load up the van. I spent most of the day writing an article for the Examiner where I write as the Baton Rouge Woman's Health Examiner. Now it is 4:07 pm, nothing is loaded, laundry still needs to be done and I still want to work out.

While at this point and time I am thinking an hour and a half at the gym is out I have a plan. I recently learned about a work out program called Tabata. This is a great work out when you are having a issue with time. The work out is four minutes long and consists of either 4 different exercisers or 2. Each exercise is performed for twenty seconds and followed by a ten second rest. If you do 4 exercises you will do them each twice, if 2 you will do them each 4.

While searching You Tube for Tabata I came across called Bex's Life she created a series of Tabata workouts which I use when I don't have time for a longer work out. I do two from Bex's Life's series "You Have 4 Minutes,"  but do two from someone else.

I plan on developing some Tabata videos for beginners, Bex's are pretty advanced, I am out of breath after one. However, if you would like to give it a go and develop some of your own here is a Tabata Timer from You Tube you can use or download the app. I found something new today for a ten minute cardo so I am adding that also.

So, I am going from an hour and a half at the gym which is ten minutes away to 24 minute work out which will do the same thing. Well, I hope so anyway, even if not something is always better than nothing. To my beautiful friends be fit and stay healthy.

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