Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Tae Bo Extreme & Raw Coleslaw

I love Tae Bo, did I mention that before? Billy is my go to guy when I gain a couple of pounds, or just want a great, fun workout. Yes, I said fun, Billy is alot of fun to workout with.

What I love about Tae Bo Extreme! is Billy adds the step, and hand weights to the workout while sticking to the traditional Tae Bo style. It is 56 minutes long, starts with a warm up, Billy style, goes into some traditional Tae Bo, then on to the step. I love the way Billy incorporates Tae Bo into the step even if there are no kicks. After the step comes the hand weights with alot of great moves including jumping jacks with a press, you have to see it. Another unique feature Billy adds is working the obliques with the weights on the step, another gotta see. Now on to the floor where Billy uses the step to do some donkey kicks, side kicks, and push ups.

This is a great workout with alot of versatility, definitely for the more advanced. If you are intermediate looking to up your game I suggest giving this a try.

 Last week I decided to make some homemade coleslaw with the raw mayonnaise I have made in the past. I'm loving my new food processor, first I shredded the cabbage both green and purple along with the carrots.

Washed out the food processor, and made the raw mayonnaise I blogged on previously . What I love about the mayonnaise is you can season it up if you want to, I added some Italian seasoning to it. Not to much just a little, it was so good, and healthy, but I'll still need Billy to keep in shape.


  1. I have made my coleslaw before with both green & red cabbage and it looks really colorful that way. I'll have to try the home dressing on it next time I make coleslaw and see if everyone likes it. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Wow Tae Bo! I used to LOVE those workouts, I definitely want to get back into that now that I'm reading this! Just found you through the WOW linkup-

  3. Joyce,
    Thanks so much for stopping by and for your kind comments on my friend Anne Marie's home. I know she greatly appreciated it!!

    I do have to start shopping for new clothes but I want to loose another 20 pounds...


  4. That sounds yummy! I've never tried homemade mayo, but I keep thinking I should every time I see a recipe for it.

  5. <3 Billy Blanks and even though I hate mayo, I do like coleslaw when it has VERY light mayo on it -thanks for sharing :)

  6. I might check out that DVD because I love cardio kickboxing and I don't like anyone but Billy Blanks teaching it. Thanks for visiting WOW.

  7. At first I was gonna comment that slaw is raw but since you are making raw mayo...maybe not. What is mayo anyway? Eggs and oil whipped together? Either way I love cole slaw - just need a low calorie version. I might try this. Thanks for stopping by WOW Link Up!