Monday, March 26, 2012

Exercise and Eating Habits

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After exercising on and off since 17 I have witnessed first hand all the benefits I have reaped. Of course I also started watching not only what I eat, but also when I eat. So, here is what my life style has done for me.

I like looking at my self in the mirror more.

I have a lot more energy

At age 47 I have a clean bill of health

At age 47 I am not any type of meds

I had three children and spent a total of an hour in labor

Exercising with my last child allowed me to wear jeans the day after I gave birth

I hear all the time how good I look for my age

People don't believe how old I am

No stretch marks

Few spider veins

No varicose veins

 I can wear a two piece if I wanted to

After my second child and an x-ray the doctor commented how strong my bones were after a baby.

Not to mention the attention of younger males, which I can do with out.

So, you see exercising and eating right are very beneficial. Oh I have yet to notice any signs of menopause, but watching out for them. I wonder how exercising and eating right will effect this transition.

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