Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Stretch Marks

I mentioned in my previous blog that I do not have stretch marks, this was not always the case. Due to the fact that at one time I did have access weight I was left with stretch marks on my lower abs. I had heard that these were not reversible and thought I would always have them.

Once I started working out on a regular basis I noticed that my stretch marks were not as predominate as they once were. I also noticed that they were moving as my skin was tighten up from the ab work I was doing. I then had my first child and noticed that once again the stretch marks were more predominate than before. Feeling a little frustrated I just accepted it, because after all it was still better than before.
Photo credit: Palmer's

I continued working out and than had my second child, the same thing happened. One day I decided to try the stretch mark cream for pregnant woman, Palmer's Cocoa Butter, and still use it today. I really am not sure when it happened, just one day I noticed the stretch marks were gone. Wow!!! How can this be? I believe it is a combination of both working out and the cream. I use the cream every other day over my whole body.

I had a friend back in Chicago who used it during all three of her pregnancies and she said she never had a stretch mark.

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