Monday, August 12, 2013

Healing a Tooth Ache Naturally

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Last Monday night I looked in the mirror and noticed swelling where a bad tooth is located. I had no pain at that point just swelling. The next day it was twice the size, that familiar pain came upon me that I was to familiar with. I'm still new to healing with herbs and could think of nothing for pain expect for ibuprofen. From my past experience I knew I could take four tablets every four hours.

I needed something for the infection, and for various reasons was not about to go to the dentist or contribute to the big pharmaceutical companies. I remembered that I had some SilverBiotics, and started using that. The ibuprofen did not take the pain away fully there was still that underlying pain letting me know it was there. I was not sleeping through the night due to the pain.

Now it is Thursday morning at 3:00 AM, and I can't sleep due to the pain. Oh I was also applying some Thieves oil to the tooth which numbed it, and gave me great relief if only for a little while. I laid in bed trying to sleep applying Thieves oil to the tooth with a q tip. Finally the pain subsided, but now it's this horrible hunger pains keping me awake. Well now it is 7:00 AM, I'm awake, unable to sleep, and my stomach wants food.

I was having a hard time opening my mouth all the way and decided to put my self on a soft food diet until this past. Looking through the pantry I spotted some cream of chicken soup, yes I'll eat this. While I was heating up my early morning meal I booted up the computer and decided to search for natural remedies. First for the pain I wanted off the synthetic junk. I came across a web site called Young and Raw and their article on Reduce Inflammation With a Turmeric Cocktail .

I need to reduce the inflammation, but it turns out turmeric is also a natural pain killer, SCORE!!!!! I had some organic turmeric and some organic coconut juice. The recipe called for 2 tsp turmeric and 1 cup of juice or coconut water. On the site it said it works so well that those suffering from chronic arthritis and rheumatism have had great results from turmeric.

Now for a natural antibiotic, I found another site (which I couldn't find) which listed various herbs that are antibiotics. I looked to see which ones I had and which were the most effective, ah oil of oregano. The web site said if you take oil of oregano at the first sign of an infection it will wipe it out within 24 hours. Yes, this is just what I need and have.

I still continued with the SilverBiotics, what could it hurt right, and added the turmeric cocktail every four hours, along with oil of oregano three times a day. At this point I was ready to get rid of the ibuprofen, but did not want to risk the chance of pain. It was going good by Thursday night I was pain free, but still swollen. Each day I took less Ibuprofen, by Saturday the swelling had really gone down, I was still on my soft foods diet. Sunday the swelling was down even more and I was free from ibuprofen. Today, Monday, just a little swelling left, and I am off the soft foods diet.

You might think wow it must have been pretty bad if there is still some swelling. Yes, it was I looked like I had a giant jaw breaker stuffed in my cheek and the swelling went down to just under my chin. I really think I looked a lot the cartoon character above, at least I felt the way he looks. Well I know the tooth has to come out to avoid further out breaks, but I still want nothing to do with a dentist office.

Warning: I am not a doctor please seek the advice of professional health care provider. Herbs can have a negative effect on children, pregnant or nursing mothers, or those taking other medications


  1. Isn't it cool how much we can actually do naturally? Thanks for sharing, Joyce. :)

  2. Great's good to know all your options...thanks for this post.

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  5. Wow! I can just imagine how bad that hurts. It's really hard to have your tooth start aching as it surely distracts your from doing anything else. Good thing you were able to find some natural remedies online that helped you relieve the pain, as well as the natural antibiotics. Of course we all know it won’t work for everyone, but you took a risk, which obviously paid off.
    Thanh Arnett

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  7. Oh my! I can only imagine how painful it must have been for you, Joyce. It really was a good thing that you were able to find a natural pain killer so that you can sleep better again. Toothaches are really painful and distracting. And yes, I do agree that it may not work for everyone, but it's great that it worked for you.
    Jairo Chavez

  8. Helpful tips! I need to visit my dentist and really don't want to. I'm going to try to follow some of these and see if it helps! Thanks so much!

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