Thursday, March 22, 2012

Eat More Lose Weight

The other day at the gym I caught an episode of Dr Oz while on the tread mill. There was a woman who had taken regular recipes and turned them into low calorie dishes and some contained more food!!! She made a burger to replace the Whopper using a veggie burger, I think I would prefer a turkey burger, along with some flat bread instead of a bun and loaded it up with veggies. She also made a chocolate cake and substituted cream soda for the eggs, oil and butter. Dr Oz and a member of the audience said it was good, but I wasn't convinced.

Her website is called Hungry Girl and she seems to have a show on Food Network, must be on early because I am a big Food Network fan and never saw the show. Anyway she has written some books and offers a free newsletters. I had to take a look at the books and clicked on the Recipes and Survival Strategies, it was cool you can view the book briefly before you buy it.

I love her way of thinking, this is something I do take unhealthy dishes and make them healthy.

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  1. ty for sharing this. im going to look into this more