Monday, March 19, 2012

Working Out With Weights

Some woman will stay away from weight training in fear of looking like the image on the left. I am happy to tell you that due to insignificant testosterone this is impossible. The woman on the left has utilized some type of steroid or other product to achieve the look she has. So, if you have been thinking about doing some weight training go for it.

Weight training has a lot to offer woman. First if you work out in a gym the machines work your muscles in a controlled environment focusing just on the muscle you are working. Working our with free weights allows you to use more muscles working more of your body than just one isolated muscle at a time. Try it next time you go to the gym, work your biceps on the machine than get 3 to 5 lb dumb bells and try it again. You will notice that while you can lift more weight with the machine you have to use more of your body with free weights.

Woman are pron to osteoporosis which can be prevented and even reversed with the use of weight training. Weight training helps to build bone density which is important for a healthy body both now and in the future. The personal trainer at the gym I attend did a talk on woman on weights, but neglected to give the woman this important information. Could have been because it was a male doing the talk, ask the personal trainer at your gym if they give this type of talk or would be willing to. How to properly use the weights should be covered to achieve the most benefits and refrain from injury.

Than you can have a trim and tone body. Depending on how you are built and how many days and hours a week you work out you may not look like Jillian Michaels from The Biggest Loser, but you will definitely be a winner.

If you do not work out at a gym I suggest you purchase a pair of 3 and ten lb weights to start with. Can not afford them, that's okay you can use can goods or water bottles. As you get stronger you can fill gallon jugs with sand or water. This is great because you can add to them as you get stronger.

Come back tomorrow and I will show you how to do some exercises using dumb bells. Until then my beautiful friends.

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