It's Your Life Magazine

It's Your Life magazine started out to be a source of information for those seeking to led a natural life. What does this mean to us? It means using everything the Creator put here for us to stay healthy and heal when need be.

We have been leading this lifestyle for 3 years and want to share with others what we have done. Being a blogger for over 9 years I reach out to other bloggers to contribute what they have done to stay healthy or heal naturally. Living natural also means doing no harm to the beautiful home we have been given. While this is not the easiest thing to do we try to be more aware of how we are effecting our world.

Because we are a free, digital magazine we have gone from bimonthly down to two issues per year. We will be doing a summer issue and a winter issue. Those interested in contributing can visit our "Contributors Guidelines."

Want to view "Past Issues?" No, problem just go to our "Past Issues" page.

Our live podcast airs every Friday from  6 - 8 pm central via Wolf Spirit Radio with a replay on the site the following Saturday from 9 - 11 pm central. When the show is live there is a chat room where you can ask questions of our guests. To keep up with our guests hit the "Subscribe" button and receive an email letting you know who are guest is and what we'll be talking about.

Missed a podcast? No problem we are now putting all our "Podcasts" on our website. If you find one you feel others will benefit from please share so others may learn how to live a happy, healthy, life.

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