About Me

Nov. 2012
I am a native of Chicago, after the death of my first husband I remarried a man from West Tennessee. I relocated and live in Tennessee for five years, my husband discovered that his allergies were better in Louisiana so another relocation. Funny, I never thought I would leave Chicago and here I have lived in two different states since 2005.

I have three children, a girl born 1991 and two boys born 1996 and 1998. I started homeschooling my children in 1997, after relocating to Tennessee my daughter went all four years of high school to public school and the boys did two years in public school. One day they came to me and said we don't want to go back to school can you homeschool us again.

My beautiful crazy babies 2010

A year after relocating to Tennessee I decided to go back to school and received my associates in business. Active in the homeschool community I spent two years in a leadership role for a homeschool support group along with directing the co-op. Also active at church and having a love for children I always helped out with Vacation Bible School and served two years as director. The boys joined a new Boy Scout pack in Tennessee and when no one would step up to led them, I did.  I love God, my family and friends, sharing, helping, children, out door activities, having fun, laughing, reading when I can, cooking and baking from scratch, music and believe we should never stop learning.

My middle child, the cuddly bear
At about age nine I started gaining weight, now did mom really let me have three candy bars? Yes, she did could that have played a role, hmmm? Now I have two bothers one younger and one older who as youths did not struggle with weight. I guess this is why my older brother thought it was okay to moo and oink at me if he had a mind to. I remember at age eleven jogging in place in my room at night to lose weight, no it did not last. I had extra weight on me, but at age sixteen I really put on the weight. To put my jeans on I had to lay on the bed holding the zipper together while my mom pulled the zipper up. I remember her commenting that I needed a new pair of jeans, no I need to lose weight, at this point I had just turned seventeen.

My youngest, the brain and I having some fun.
I had tried exercising before which my lovely brother decided this was a great opportunity to not only mimic me, but also throw in some unmotivating comments, they worked, I stopped. I found this exercise program on Public Television called "Body Electric." Because I worked I had asked my mom if she would tape them for me, she did and I started working out after work. Oh and there was big brother messing with me again, not this time I am going to do this no matter what you say or do and I did. That was the beginning of my exercise career, I call it a career because after 20 years I think I can.

Me and my beautiful daughter and friend.

My amazing husband of six years

Just me, fall 2011


  1. Interesting Story, thanks for sharing!

  2. I'm a native of Chicago and I loved your story.

    1. That's awesome Sheila, I never knew that about you.