Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Morgellons Disease?

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The other day I got a call from a gentleman who I was talking to about GMOs. He said a friend of his wife's baby had something wrong, but the doctors were unable to find out what is. I told him that I have heard of the symptoms, and would find out more.

Not long ago there was an article on Natural News entitled "McDonald's Chicken Nuggets found to contain mysterious fibers." It was in this article where I first heard of Morgellons disease, well it was mentioned at any rate. My daughter read the article and did some research on the disease which by the way is not recognized by the medical profession.

Symptoms are similar to those going through withdraws. Having the sensation that something is crawling on you, or even biting you, but there is nothing there. Lesions appear from out of no where, and take a long time to heal. Doctors say the lesions are caused by the person them selves, by scratching where they feel they are being bitten, or something crawling on them. The most unusual symptom is the fibers that come out of the lesions. Patients are told that are fibers from their clothing, or other materials they have come in contact with. Studies have shown this not to be true, check out the photo credit link above for more about the fibers.

There is a large list of other symptoms, but those mentioned above are the most important if you have Morgellons disease. It seems that there are different levels of this disease. My daughter gets lesions, but said she can pull it right off her skin. She said it is a black fiber with ends like suction cups which are sticky. The woman I was called about said after she takes a bath she can see the fibers on top of the water, and they are moving. My daughter tried to see if the ones she has would move, but she said they don't.

Similar fiber found in McDonald's chicken nugget.

Originally it was noted that middle aged white women were the only ones showing signs of Morgellons, but now it has been found to affect others. Even animals are being effected, the woman I was called about had a dog die from it.

It is also important to note that people having signs of Morgellons, are being labeled with mental issues. As I have been blogging I have continued to read the many web sites on the web that contain information. Many of them are from personal accounts, others are from those who have talked with people who have Morgellons. Then of course you have the Mayo clinic and WebMD, which in my book are not credited sites.

Artifacts shed from the body.

There is no known cure, but one article I read said a man gave his friend Nutrasilver, and it helped  her regain her life, yet other sites will tell you not to use Nutrasilver. One article I read stated via a third party that this was created deliberately, and is being ingested through the air, GMO junk, and vaccines. However, this was on only one site, but I believe it.

So, what do you do if you have it, or want to prevent it. My local health professional, who never heard of Morgellons, said the first thing he would do if he had it is cut out all flour and sugar. He also said he would start taking a probiotic, he said someone started taking Magic Mineral, and had something coming out of his skin, that he described as worms. For babies and children he said he would give them a probiotic, and we discussed a probiotic soap, and creating a soap with castile liquid soap and bentonite clay.

The biggest thing you have to do rather you have Morgellons or not is change your lifestyle. Eat organic, grow your own food, Mary's Heirloom Seeds is a great resource for GMO free seeds. If you have a severe case, or a child that does I highly recommend you research the topic totally, than seek a health care professional. I have found mine at the local health food stores both in my town and in a nearby town. They may not know about Morgellons disease, but with your research you can educate them and get some suggestions.

I am not a health care professional this is for education purposes only.


  1. WOW! This is disgusting but also a great article. All the more reason to grow your own and stop eating processed junk!!!

    I'm sharing this with my mom and everyone I can think of.

    1. This is the result of plastics! plastic water bottles, plastic eating utensils, plastic milk jugs, plastic food storage containers, plastic water lines in our homes, plastic liquid lines in restaurants... plastic is EVERYWHERE! Plastic is made from little fibrous materials, and is one reason why some types of clothing and detergents have been outlawed in most countries! But when we consume drinks and eat foods from plastic containers, we take in microscopic particles of these fibrous materials, and after time they build up in our bodies.

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  3. Great article - This is scary but very important people learn about it. Educate is the key! We all need to take control of our health and what we eat! Eat organic and local harvest only!

  4. Oh how gross and disturbing! I have never heard of this. This is a very well presented post on the topic. Thanks for sharing with us at The HomeAcre Hop!

    Please join us again Thursday at:

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  8. Old Man, I know of some herbalists who have successfully treated this. Found no contact for you, hope you come back and email me for the information.

    One of them is on the Northshore.

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  10. I get a lot of email, and spam. If you are on Facebook, message me your email address. If not please resend email, and I will watch for it. Put Morgellons Disease in the subject line.

  11. I had never heard of this either, but I have very similar symptoms and every Dr. I have seen just sends me away with medication and antibiotics, and a referral to yet another doctor. I believe this is a parasitic disease. In fact the CDC would like anyone with symptoms to notify them. I do take depression medication but I am not delusional by any means. And, I'm really pissed off. Please check out the Center for Disease Control website. Maybe this is a biological agent or environmental issue. But these people are not pulling fibers from clothing of their skin. If the mind is so powerful and I'm so nuts, I'd still be sane enough to pull "to imagine" this stuff is money ! I don't have the fibers but I do have those lesions and I would rather die than go through life this way. This stuff is parasitic, environmental or a biological agent created for crop protection or warfare. No doubt in my depressed mind about it.