Tuesday, November 4, 2014

30 Days to a Better You Challenge Day #4

Welcome to day #4, yesterday blogger was being difficult, so the challenges went up on the Facebook page.

Your Mind Challenge with mind coach Krista Nelson


 Getting Up After a Fall – Step 2: Embrace 

Injured and beaten, disappointment and embarrassment compromise your perspective.
Pain overwhelms you.
Embrace the experience.
Resist the urge to jump up and shake it off before examining the details. Ask for a full report from all of your senses.
Take the dirt that's in your mouth for instance. What does it taste like?
What do you see from the bottom?
What would you say defeat smells like?
How hard was the wall you slammed into?
Exactly how intense is your pain?
The answers to these questions are the finer details of your experience. Put the details in a journal. Unafraid to get personal with yourself, embrace your fall the way you would embrace a wounded child. Don’t skip this step. Just Get it Done Now!

Your Food Challenge with food coach Ela Whitten from Ela's Living Food's Makeover.

 Today’s challenge: Use your journal tomorrow morning and answer the following questions:
1. How do I feel? (how does your body feel, what’s your mood?)
2. Why? (tie this back to events or foods you ate the previous day)
3. How do I want to feel? (what are your core desired feelings?)
4. Why? (what will feeling this way allow to happen in your life?)
5. Today’s Agenda: (what are the major things you want to work on today?)
6. Action items: (these are the small steps involved in getting your agenda items

Your Fitness challenge with fitness coach Joyce Wheeler from It's Your Life.

If you don't have weights you can use water bottles, canned foods, or not use any. Remember to challenge your self and DON'T GIVE UP.

Your soul challenge with soul coach Diatta Harris from Femme Fital Fit Club.

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