Friday, May 30, 2014

Beans, Sprouts, and Writing

This is the third day of rain, and the back of the yard will be soaked for weeks. That's right WEEKS, not days, but weeks. With us being gone most of the month, mowing needs to be done, and it won't. Meanwhile we will have all kinds of weird plants popping up which will make hard to mow once we can.

Enough on the weather my good friend and fellow blogger Mary, from Back to the Basics, Mary's Kitchen, and Mary's Heirloom Seeds sent me some free sprouting seeds to check out. This was month's ago and I just got around to sprouting the broccoli seeds she sent me. She also sent me some mung beans which I sprouted right away.

While sprouting the broccoli I decided to do some research on healthy sprouts. You see I had also sprouted some sunflower seeds, and smelled kind of funny, I learned why. Certain seeds like sunflower, and broccoli leave the hull behind after sprouting. Sprouts should then be soaked in a bowl of water where the hulls will float to the top. These should be removed and thrown away or they can start a fermentation process. Ahhhh that's what that smell was, I did not know this, and thought there might be others who like me did not either, so that's that.

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To the garden, to the garden Rapunzel, Rapunzel, Rapunzel let down your long hair, sorry weird moment, hey gotta have 'em. So, before the rain set in I was getting beans every day, now I can't go back there to check. Unless of course one of you kind readers has a boat I can borrow. I learned something interesting about freezing vegetables, you don't have to blanch them.

You see the minute we pick our vegetables they start losing nutrients, blanching aids in this process. So, what I am doing is freezing my beans as I pick them until I have enough for a dish, seeds came from Mary's Heirloom seeds also. I'm told there is nothing wrong with doing this, and the woman on the video has said that she has done it. So, you can forget this step, and just freeze them.

Lastly I am working on a book which I never thought I would write because I am a blogger. A book entitles way more thought and words than a blog does. However, I am a believer and capable of hearing my Creator's voice who told me to write about my life before Him, and my life with Him. Believe me it is very different, while there are still troubles I know that He has them all figured out and can now handle them with peace.

I decided to give y'all a look see, and see if I can get some feed back. Don't hold back I am totally about honesty and creative criticism. This is one paragraph from the preface.

Another memory I have of me and my older brother was not only scary at the time but funny to think about now. We were playing around the house and for whatever reason decided to go into our bedroom. While we were in there this big, huge, long, hairy thing with tons and tons of legs seemed to appear out of nowhere. We both jumped onto one of our slippers which sat in the middle of the room and clung to each other. I am not sure if we were screaming or not, but I know I was inside. My brother finally decide to be brave and found something to poke it with, whatever this thing was it moved slowly and it was deemed not hungry for two small children. Mom came in after our coaxing and thought us funny that we would be afraid of a harmless centipede.  

One last thing I want to leave you with is a giveaway from Mary's Heirloom Seeds.


  1. Beans sprouts are very good in a salad. And yes removing the hulls is a very good thing... LOL. I am always a sucker for stories like the one with your brother. I can remember something very like that when I was very young too.

  2. I just froze some fresh asparagus and I also did not blanch it - I had just recently learned actually from the utube you sent me that it was unnecessary. I think we just do things because that's the way we were taught to do them without even knowing the reason.
    Hope it soon stops raining for you. We have a quite a bit of rain but sounds like you have a lot more.
    Good luck on your book. I am looking forward to the finish product. Have a great weekend.