Thursday, October 24, 2013

Real Food Fridays #11 Link Up

Thanks to all those who shared, and come back to share. I have pinned alot of great recipes to try.

Okay this week is a little different, due to Halloween and many of you being busy we are extending this link up until November 4, 2013. Anddddd it's all about Fall recipes, this can include any recipe you make in the fall even Thanksgiving dishes. Would love to see your favorite recipes for Thanksgiving.

Remember the only rules are family friendly, and no GMO junk. While you might be baking/cooking from scratch your ingredients could still be genetically modified. We started this link up to help others transition from GMO junk to real food (organic) along with sharing our homemade real food recipes.

It’s Your Life

Please grab the button and place it somewhere on your site, so others might find us also. While the link up is small at this time it is one of the most popular posts on my blog.

Show some love and check out the other blogs, there are some great and unique recipes being posted here, and let them know you followed them from Real Food Fridays. I don't know about you, but I love knowing how others found me.

Your hosts are Mary from Back to the Basics, and Mary's Kitchen along with Joyce from It's Your Life.

                  Your co-hosts are

My features for these week where are tough choice they were all so good. Features from this link up will be pinned to the Real Food Fridays Weekly Link Up board, this includes the other host as well as the co-hosts features. Now on to my features from the last link up.

I loved Future Expat's post Homemade Pantry Recipe - Vegetable Stock, she has some great ideas. If you have not seen this post I highly recommend it.

 It is hard to just pick two, but I would be here all day if I posted all of my favs. So I made the decision to choose the most unique, and that comes from Substance of Living and African Spinach Coconut Soup.

Okay now it's time to link up remember this link up will run October 24, 2013 at 7:00 pm EST until  12:00 pm EST on November 4, 2013.


  1. Hi,
    No food recipes to link up, but I do so enjoy visiting all the blogs and learning and getting new recipes.
    I am visiting from, you would be most welcome to visit, brand new blog just put up today, don'y know what I am doing yet.
    Floowing you and love this.
    Thank you.
    Hope you have a wonderful day.
    Love and best wishes,

  2. Thanks for stopping by Anne, I hope you find some blogs, and recipe that interest you. Thanks for the comment and follow, busy right now, but looking forward to checking out your blog.

    Have a blessed weekend.

  3. Thanks for inviting me to your blog hop, Joyce!

  4. Thanks for joining us Phoenix, hope you will be a regular.

  5. Hi Joyce,
    Thanks for stopping by my cottage. I linked up a few things and hope to read more than a few posts here:-)

  6. Great Suzanne, glad you came by, hope you find some new recipes, ideas, or new blogs to follow.

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