Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Getting Back into Workout Mode

Well, my daughter went home Saturday, and I have yet to do a workout. It is not because I don't want to, but due to our recent flu out break. Soooo, it has been over a week since I last worked out. After such a long break I need to motivate my self back into it again. I'm thankful that for me this is pretty easy.

All I have to do is watch a work out video, or see an image of someone working out, and I get stoked. Why? Because when I see someone else working out it reminds me of  how much I like the feeling of working out. When I workout I feel my muscles working, and know that I am doing something good for my body. I also like the way it feels as I build a healthier body.

As I work my upper body with weights I can feel and see my muscles working and flexing. Working my lower body, I feel power move through the various muscles in my legs, and glutes. I love doing planks, a lot people don't, but as I hold my self up I am gaining strength through out my core, arms, legs, just the whole body. Add a row to that plank, and build more muscle, plus since I started doing planks I no longer have lower back pain after standing for an hour. You can say that for me working out is an addiction, I love the way it feels, and want more. It may sound funny, but if I am not dripping sweat when I am done, then I didn't work out hard enough.
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Motivating your self to workout may not be as easy it is for me. Find what motivates you, and use it whenever you need it. Remember while looking better, working out on a regular basis builds a healthier body. An appealing image in the mirror is just a bonus.

Because it has been over a week, I'm going to kind of ease back in. I'll be using the rebounder today which is not just a great work out, but will detox my lymphoids, considering I was just sick this is important. I will also be working my abs for about 20-25 minutes. Got to work that upper body so, I'll be doing 25-30 rows, curls, presses, flys, rows, and lateral raises.

What motivates you to keep working out?


  1. What motivates me to work out is the fact I do not want to regress so I gotta keep going. I love the way it makes me feel and I have been using it as a stress reliever!! Coming off of the flu - I agree with you - ease back into it. You don't want to get sick again or rush your body to do something that it isn't yet quite 100% ready and able to do.

    Thanks for stopping by the WOW Link Up Party! :-)

  2. Yes, Curleedst it is an excellent way to relieve stress. That is one reason I really love to do Tae Bo, plus I love martial arts.