Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Healing The Flu Naturally

The boys went to camp the weekend before Thanksgiving, and the 15 year old was nice enough to bring us back a present. One we could have done without, the flu. He slept for two days most of the time, had a slight fever, runny nose, sneezing, and no appetite.

I started the whole household on 1 tbs of elderberry syrup numerous times through out the day. It was hard  to get the 15 year old to take the syrup every hour, as he should have been, when he was sleeping so much. He took it when he was awake along with 10 squirts of Silver Biotics three times a day. The rest of us were also taking our squirts three times a day, along with 1 oil of oregano, 1 turmeric three times a day, and a cup of peppermint/eucalyptus tea with raw organic honey.

He came home Monday, and did not feel 100% until Friday. My daughter, 22, who was visiting from Tennessee was the next to get it, oh poor Goose, on her vacation. She didn't have the fever, she was tired, no appetite, a cough, a horrible headache, and was very thirsty. Sleep consumed her for 15 1/2 hours between Thanksgiving day, and Friday, but after that she was fine except for the cough.

My healthy crazy babies, 2011, Goose pic in the van again.
My 17 year old was next, he also had no fever, but lacked an appetite, had a cough, the horrible headache, and took a small nap Friday. By the next day he was just left with a cough. I thought I had pumped my self with enough stuff to avoid it, but come Friday night, my throat was scratchy, I was coughing, and my body ached. Unlike the others sleep did not consume me, and my appetite never left me.

For me it lasted until Sunday, and like the others I am still left with a slight cough. While talking to Goose, the other day, I mentioned I was having very loose bowel movements, and she said she was experiencing the same thing. My daughter went home Saturday, but the rest of us are still taking our natural remedies. My husband? Well so far he is fine, we think it is because he was not around the 15 year old when he had the fever. Yes, he is also taking what we are, not so much the elderberry syrup, which we have cut back on. Instead of every hour we are taking it about once to twice a day.

We have gone through 1 1/2 pints of syrup, so glad I made 9 jars, you can get the recipe on my post "Making Elderberry Syrup." The turmeric is all gone, and more has been ordered, also glad I had ordered more of the Silver Biotics before I even needed it.

You might be wondering why I documented everyone's symptoms, and what they dealt with. It is so you can see how healing naturally works, while we still got sick you can see that the time of illness, and symptoms became less, and less with each person. In a future post I will talk about what we took, and what it does for the body.

If one person becomes sick don't just treat that one person treat the whole house for prevention. Coming up tomorrow, how I will motivate my self back into my work out routine, aghhh.


  1. An extra bonus to natural remedies is it is rare to have a bad reaction. When you use OTC or prescription drugs you are taking chemicals putting toxic ingredients into system. Your immune system can heal so much better with natural ingredients. Thanks so much for sharing your story Joyce.

  2. Great info Joyce! We try to use home remedies as often as possible.

  3. I agree with Mary's comment. Cool you found home remedies to use. :)
    Thanks for sharing, Joyce.

  4. My kitchen cupboard has a whole shelf dedicated to things like elderberry and a host of the homeopath meds like Cld Calm and - oh my favorite for flus - Oscillococcinum. I'm not big on prescription drugs but no when if it's not working, to get a doc appointment. Good for you sticking through things naturally.

    Over from LinkedIn group BHB

  5. Thanks for stopping by Patricia, never heard of oscillococcinum, will have to research this.