Monday, September 3, 2012

Hurricane Isaac

It has been a most eventful week to say the least, but also amazing. See Tuesday August 28 was my birthday, while I do not celebrate at all Hurricane Isaac thought I needed to by preparing for his arrival. Wait a minute I thought I was suppose to be the guest of honor!

We boarded up the hurricane shutters, but did not need them.
 We found out Sunday, and were busy Monday making sure anything that might act as a projectile was tended to. My husband also went into town to make sure we had enough gas and water. Funny here in Louisiana the two most important commodities appear to be gas and beer. Tuesday we spent the day checking our food, and preparing some meals, we knew we were bound to lose power. We had plenty of propane in the grill for cooking, and while everyone else on the road had generators we had an inverter which ran off the van's battery to keep the freezer and fridge going. All was done now it was just time to sit and wait for our visitor to arrive, believe me we were in no hurry.

They sky grew dark, and than the wind hit, no rain, just wind. I thought for sure we were going to lose power, we all took our showers early to make sure we had hot water, and lights. We slept our last night in a cool and comfortable environment, at about 7:30 am it was gone. The only good think about Isaac was he brought some relief from the heat and humidity.

The water has never come this close before.
For two and a half days we had no power, internet, or even our cell phones. We busied our selves playing gin rummy, and the boys, and I read. I was thankful for the awesome present my daughter sent me "The Complete Book of Essential Oils & Aromatherapy," for I had something I could hold in my hands, and read. By Friday the sun was beating down on us, and we sought refuge with some red neck air conditioning, a cold wet cloth on the back of our necks.

We knew that by this time Isaac had cleared out, leaving behind a mess of branches, twigs, downed trees, and for some plenty of water. I feel blessed that the Lord lead us to a place where we do not experience the flooding that other areas of Louisiana do. However, Lake Pontchartrain also decided that this was a good time to stop by for a visit. While our yard always becomes a miniature lake, in the back by the stream, this time it was more, and the fish would jump out once in a while to greet us.

Our neighbors house up the road.
We also knew that the power company was able to get out, and start restoring power, as we went into town trucks were every where working hard, and we were grateful. Picking up our pizzas we headed home, praying we would return to see a truck working in our rural area, praise God there it was. We waved and hooted at the workers which were a true blessing to see. Back at the house no power, than at about 5:00 pm, there it came, we jumped and hooted for joy giving thanks to God for a quick restoration of cool air spilling from the vents, and fans twirling to circulate that cool refreshing air.

Later that night I sat reflecting on the places I have lived and the different conditions I had faced. I would have to say that my mom was right about Chicago, no hurricanes, no tornadoes, no earthquakes, just snow storm as kids we were thankful for. It meant no school, and tons of snow for us to indulge in. West Tennessee we faced tornadoes, which God made sure never hit us, even though they touched down all around us. Now Isaac was held at bay by God Almighty only allowing some slight discomfort, wind, and rain.

I pray for those who have water in their homes, and no power still. We were truly blessed, some were still without power while we had ours. Please pray for those who are worse off than us.

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