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Cross Fire Review Cathe' Friedrich

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I was so excited when I saw Cathe' was putting out a video which incorporated Tabata, and even pre-ordered it, which I have never done. Cross Fire is for the experienced fitness guru, and that it is. This is one that I had to take a few breaks the first time, to catch my breath.

While the cardio part of this DVD is exceptional, I was disappointed at the lack of upper body work with weights. While there is some, I love to have a combination of, cardio, upper body with weights, and lower body. Usually I do the whole DVD, this is the first one that I did not complete from beginning to end, and still have not.

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The DVD is 55:05 minutes long, and includes the following; warm up 6:30, crossfire fitness blast 8:50, longest 8:50 minutes of my life, firewalker Tabata 4:55 is intense, crossfire circuit blast 22:45 it is during this part of the work out weights are used very little, but the most, crossfire plyo Tabata 5:20, stretch. There are also two bonuses, one for core 9:10, and one for low impact cardio Tabata 4:40.

I thought I had all the resistance bands I would ever need, but in this DVD a new one was introduced. It is a loop, and she uses them during the firewalker Tabata part of the work out. I used one of my other one, which worked for the most part, but the loop would work better for at least one of the exercises.

You have options as to how you want to use the DVD, run the whole DVD, or chose from the premixes. The premixes include short work outs, I thought this would be good to use for doing a variety of them, but found that the warm up is featured at the beginning of each one of them.

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Equipment needed includes blue firewalker loop, 3, 5, 8, and 10 lb dumbbells, one 15 lb dumbbell, set of slide and glide discs, I used two wash clothes works great, and she has tubing on the list, but it is only used as a marker not really necessary if you ask me. If you have a resistance band like the one in the photo that can be used for the firewalker section, it is what I used.

Just take it and tie one of the ends around both ankles. Make sure it is tight enough so it will not come off, but at the same time you should be able to move your feet from side to side. Take the other end and hold it in your hands, Cathe' used this method in another one of her videos. While I was disappointed in the beginning, I am using this when I am just looking to really burn some calories fast, it is great for that.

The video below has a nice selection of clips from the DVD including some with the loop.

I receive nothing from this review, and I am only an affiliate for the downloads on Cathe's site.

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