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Vitamin E Oil

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I want to make another batch of lotion body bars, and have been looking to make some different types. During my research I had read about preservatives in beauty products, and learned that vitamin E oil helps to preserve homemade beauty products. I did not feel it necessary to add it to the first batch because I knew I would be using it on a regular basis, and it would not have time to bad.

While I was out visiting some organic stores in a nearby town I asked about vitamin E oil, and purchased a bottle. My intention was to use it as a preservative, but after reading various articles about it I have learned that it is greatttttt for our skin. See vitamin E is an antioxidant and helps to repair damaged skin caused from the sun, exposure to toxins, aging, and even those stretch marks which can occur from pregnancy, or changes in weight. Vitamin E oil applied to the face can help to reduce, uneven skin tone, wrinkles, and leave our skin soft. It can also help to protect our skin from the every day toxins we come in contact with including the sun. Use it to reduce age/liver spots, psoriasis, erythema and some say to prevent scarring. Vitamin E is also great for the hair, and nails.

Some have said that vitamin E can be used to eliminate old scars, but there are some debates on the topic. It has been noted by some that the scar actually became worse. While vitamin E helps to promote collagen, which is not present in a scar, it by it self will not necessarily aid in healing or preventing the scar. to prevent scarring it is said to use the oil after the healing process has taken place. Others say to avoid this process all together.

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Our bodies can not produce vitamin E on its own, so we need to utilize other sources such as foods, or the oil it self. While you can put the oil directly on your skin, it is not recommended as a common practice, but including it in our homemade beauty products is an excellent idea. When choosing vitamin E oil be sure to look for products which are 100% and not synthetic. Many of the beauty products which contain vitamin E are synthetic. If you are using manufactured products while in the process of change be sure to check the label for D-alpha tocopherol, if you see DL-alpha tocopherol stay away from it, this is the synthetic version.

Always be sure to test new products on a small area of your body to be sure you will not have an allergic reaction. You can find vitamin E oil at Mountain Rose Herbs (affiliate link on side) by doing a quick search. As I mentioned above I purchased mine from a local store, the one I have is by the company Now, we use other products of theirs as well, so I trust them.

When purchasing be sure that the oil is in a dark glass jar, this helps the longevity of oils, store in a cool dark place. When using as a preservative it will give your product a shelf life of anywhere between 3 to 6 months.

This information is strictly for educational purposes only, if you have a serious skin condition it is suggested you speak with your health care professional.

Vitamin E Oil

Benefits of Vitamin E Oil

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