Monday, April 2, 2012

Motivation Monday

If you are looking for some motivation, take a look at the giveaways and contest page. I just posted some great stuff there. I also added a link to a site on menopause on the health and wellness page.

Over the weekend I wrote an article on, Diabetes, while researching sleep and the connection to diabetes I learned something that might motivate you to make sure you get your sleep. This will effect you rather you have diabetes or not.

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Here is some more motivation for you. My step son had a female friend who I meet while she was in high school. She had excess weight on her then, she has been posting her work outs on Facebook, and I have been commenting and asking questions. One question I asked was if she was working out at a gym or at home, she said at home. She also told me due to lack of funds she created her own dumb bells, need to blog on that. I offered to send her some of the DVDs/videos I am no longer using. I told her that some of them did include a step, but it was not necessary in order to use them. I love the answer she gave me, I'll find something. I love her motivation to get in shape and the fact that she will make a way to do it. Currently she is single, in her mid twenties making her own way in the world in a big city, way to go!!!! So, all my beautiful friends I hope this motivates to be your best.

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