Friday, March 30, 2012

Beat Wrinkles

Photo credit; Bouviers dot net
 While God created this two adorable little pups with wrinkles, He did not create us to be wrinkled all our lives.

 Wrinkles come from a variety of factors, repetitive facial expressions, poor diet, exposure to the sun, smoking and aging. However, the one I really want to focus is on is aging.

 Our skin is made up of three layers, the top layer epidermis, middle layer dermis, and lower layer subcutis. The dermis contains two important proteins which allow our skin to bounce back if you pull on it, collagen and elastin. Over time our bodies do not produce enough of these proteins leaving us with wrinkles.

I started using body lotions which contain collagen during my mid thirties and continue today. I recently found out that some lotions also contain elastin. Along with the Palmer's lotion for stretch marks I also use their firming and toning lotion which includes both of the important proteins our bodies start to lose and we need. Once in a while I do give my body a break from the lotions, but otherwise I alternate between the two on a daily basis.

For the face and eyes I also started using products in my mid thirties. I started out with Oil of Olay which I was very happy with, but decided to switch to Mary Kay timewise products. I would recommend either on of these products. However if you prefer a different brand just make sure they contain the proteins needed to help your skin look younger longer.

For those in their mid to late twenties I highly recommend you start now. It is absurd to wait until you see a wrinkle to start. Be aware that genetics also play a part in the aging process.

I know some individuals are either allergic to lotions, I will be writing another blog on others ways to get these important proteins for all my beautiful friends.

Oh! One more thing, I have talked with various mature woman who have beautiful skin about how they do it. The two most common answers were low exposure to the sun and face creams.

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