Thursday, March 15, 2012

Healing From the Inside Out

I posted yesterdays blog on a blog hop called Wordless Wednesday and went back today to see what other blogs posted as well. The great thing about blog hops is it helps others learn about your blog and I can find some great blogs as well.

Photo credit: Emotional Healing System
I started down the long list of titles, which were geared more towards the pictures than the title of the blog, looking for something that would catch my interest. I saw the words "A Spirit of Healing Sings" and thought it must be a blog on health. I was surprised to find that while it was a blog on health it was not what I expected. The blogger is blogging about her personal experience with abuse during her child hood. I sat and read her most recent blog and could feel the sadness and hopelessness she was feeling as she struggled to determine what a dream she had meant.

It got me thinking how if we have unresolved issues in our lives, if it be abuse, drugs, unforgiveness and so on we are not living healthy lives. We can not live a healthy life style with negativity in our lives. The first thing that needs to happen is the issue has to be recognized, if not it can not be treated. Once we can accept the fact that we have an issue we can than begin to seek help and heal. We can not be healed if we do not admit that we are wounded.

My mom was depressed all the time and was always going to the hospital for some type of illness. However, the doctors could never find anything wrong with her and she would be sent home once more. I know someone else who goes through the same thing. They both deal/dealt with the same problem, they were/are stuck in the past along with worrying about things they could never possibly control. They were/are making them selves sick, but not an actual sickness, does that make sense?

Seek help to heal your self on the inside and than you can begin to accomplish the things you were created to do. We all deserve to be happy and live the life God has planned for us.

 I am a survivor of child hood molestation.

Steps For Emotional Healing

You Tube Joyce Meyer Emotional Healing

Emotional Healing System free resources

This video is allow you to see how others felt after emotional healing. I am not prompting this individual at all. However, she is offering a free 7 day email series if you are interested.

Until next time my beautiful friends.

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