Friday, March 16, 2012

Fun Friday

Photo credit; Mortal Journey
First I want to let everyone know that this blog will continue to be updated. I have added a new page, Words of Wisdom, and a recipe page. I will add recipes once a week so they don't get lost down the page. Also, I am the Baton Rouge Woman's Health Examiner and will be writing there once a week. These articles are not just for woman in Baton Rouge, today I wrote my first article in the new position entitled Dealing with Stress. In lue of this article I challenge all my beautiful friends to something fun today and through out the weekend to benefit your health.

1. Hula Hoop, it's a great way to burn calories

2. Jumping rope also helps burn calories

3. One of my favorite fun things to do on Saturday is listen to my favorite up beat music while I cook or clean and than burst into a fit of dance. I can't dance, but it is fun to try and burns calories.

4. Go outside and play Frisbee with the kids

5. Toss around the football or play catch

6. Create an obstacle course and challenge your kids or grand kids.

7. Rent a canoe, rowing will burn some calories and work those arms.

8. Take a hike the weather is getting nicer all over the country get out and enjoy it.

9. If you liked to skate as a kid, why stop? Visit a local rink or park, enjoy the weather and burn some calories.

10. Take a bike ride.

While I realize that not everyone can do these things or has access to children, do something fun, laugh it is good medicine. We all deserve to be happy and being happy equals good health.

What will you do for fun fitness this weekend?
What would you like to do?

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