Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Learning Herbs

Photo credit: Learning Herbs
Ever wish you knew more about herbs and their properties, how to use them to their full potential?  Now you can, and it is free!!! At Learning Herbs you can learn all about herbs, all for free. You can get a 7 day e-course delivered to your email, a free book, and more.

The video course includes 9 lessons, you do you have to sign up for the HerbMentor News, but hey than you can learn more for free. Take a virtual herb walk and learn about ten different herbs. Go to the skills and recipe section to learn how to make some healthy eats. You will learn about cold and flu care, kids and babies, stress. They also give some book reference, and you can shop easily for what you need for your first creation easily with herbs and supplies.

You will notice on the left hand side the buttons include home, board game, herbal kit etc. These are not free items, while the game looks cool, it is a board game which comes with a bunch of freebies after purchase and is currently not available. However, you can sign up to be notified when they have more. The mentoring site will lead you to another site which I will talk about more.

Photo credit: Learning Herbs free book
Not enough want some more, maybe you already have some knowledge, but would like to learn more. For a small cost of $9.99 a month or $97.00 a year you can  join the sister site Herb Mentor. This is where you will find me, try it for 15 free, join and get the herb chart free to along with your free book from Learning Herbs. The main reason for the fee for the site is to keep spammers and other undesirables out.

I love it there, I am learning so much more, and get freebies all the time. I chose the monthly payment option, but I can say that I get a whole lot more of my monies worth from this site. There is a community where everyone can post messages along with learning and sharing. So much to do at this great site, if you think you are ready to take the next step this site is for you. No, you can not receive any type of certification from Herb Mentor. Also because this site is associated with Mountain Rose Herbs, which I did not know until I signed up. you can get a 10% discount on purchases made through MRH.

I receive nothing from MRH or Herb Mentor if you decide to use them. This is a great resource I just wanted to share with others.

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