Friday, August 24, 2012

Tea Mug Basket Strainer

Photo credit: The Bulk Herb Store
I placed an order at the beginning of the month with The Bulk Herb Store and ordered the Tea Mug Basket Strainer. I have used this every week since I got it.

First I need to say that I like using the actual herb/herbs instead of tea bags. First I feel I get more for money purchasing in bulk. I can customize my tea, and get more of the herbs beneficial products. This product is great because it sits right inside a standard coffee cup. I use 4 tablespoons of herbs, you do have to push it down into the water as you go along. Letting the herbs sit in the water for about 15 minutes, I use a spoon to turn the herbs and squeeze out the water to make sure I get everything out of it. When the time is up I stir up the herbs once last time, lift the strainer just above the cup, and squeeze out the rest of the water from the herbs.

For $5.95 it's a great deal, I feel like I have already gotten my monies worth. I do not put it in the dishwasher, I have found if I just run water over the out side, I can use my finger to clean out the herbs, and let it air dry.

You can find it at The Bulk Herb Store by using my affiliate link on the right it is under accessories at the bottom of the page.


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  2. I've been wanting to order one of these for ages! Thanks for sharing.

    Love, love Bulk Herb Store