Friday, December 5, 2014

Getting Out of Debt

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Lately I have been studying individuals who are living the life they want to live. How do they do it? How can I do it? I no longer believe I was create to live a mediocre lifestyle. Sure I'm happy, I have a great husband, great kids, great friends, a wonderful house in the country, and we are doing good financially. Notice everything was great until finances? We are by no means poor, nor do we do without, but I want to be debt free.

                                                         Hiding Money

Southern man is great with finances. Our first year of marriage he came to me and said, "I noticed you look at how much money you have to spend instead of much you can save." Hmmm he was right, to tell the truth I never thought about saving. He taught me that when I received more money not to include it in the balance of what was left from the last time I received money. This system he calls hiding money. Before I knew it I was saving money along with $400.00 to buy my daughter her own lap top for graduation.

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Say No to Charge Cards

I don't do charge cards, my first marriage we ended up with three maxed out credit cards and they are just to easy to use. If we don't have the money for it we save until we do. It is at the point now Discover is paying us to use their credit card. How does that happen? We use it and get points, but we have the money and pay it off right away. The points add up to $50.00 every so many months plus a 5% discount. We take that over to Bed, Bath and Beyond along with the 20% off coupon from them and buy what we need. Like I purchased a 16 lb turkey without thinking we did not have a roaster big enough, so guess what we did? You got we took all from above and purchased a great one.

The Plan

The debt that we have is small, like I said we have no credit card debt. Well, I really should not say it is small there is the house, one car, and my student loan. Wow, that looks like nothing typing it out. Southern man came up with a plan to get us out of debt faster. I need to mention that he is a big Dave Ramsey fan and it is his method we use. So, we paid off the van the car is next any extra money earned goes toward the car payment. We both have hobbies we make a little money with and right now that is where it goes. My student loans are next and then the house. Southern man figures we can have the car paid off by March, whoot!!! I hate being in debt, before we moved to Louisiana we were debt free. What a great feeling.

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Doing What I Love

Due to the way we handle finances I get to do what I love to do writing. I love blogging and freelance writing which earns me a small income, but allows me to work from home. Helping others is a great passion I have especially when it comes to living a natural healthy life. Having financial freedom relieves the stress of worrying about money and allows us to be happier and thus healthier.


The Bible says: John 10:10 The thief cometh not, but to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I come that they may have LIFE, and that they may have it more abundantly. Remember this verse every time you think you are suppose to be in debt because that is what our society does. Forget about what everyone else has and remember odds are they are probably in debt up to their wazoo. You can have what you want in time, good things come to those who wait.

We were not created to live mediocre lives, but one of abundance. It's your life, live it to the fullest.

Do you have a plan to get out of debt? Are you debt free, if so for how long?

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