Thursday, November 6, 2014

30 Days to a Better You Challenge Day #6

The challenges listed here are to help realize that in order to have a healthy, happy life the mind, body, and soul alllllllllllll need to be addressed. Use this challenge as spring board and find what works for you.

Your Mind Challenge, mind coach Krista Nelson from


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Getting up After the Fall - Step 4 Gratitude

Express gratitude for all the good and all the bad that is in your life. 

Gratitude dispels negative energy. Really, what did being angry ever do for you? Alright it helped you blow off steam, but it’s a short-term response. Gratitude is the long-term solution. 

Express gratitude to avoid holding a grudge and giving you one more thing to undo and get passed. Take everything as a blessing. Feel better. Feel great. Rise up on the cloud of gratitude. 
Your Food Challenge with your food coach Ela Whitten from Ela's Living Foods Makeover

Today's challenge: On a fresh page in your journal, write this down:

1. What’s one habit you would really love to instill in your life?
2. Why?
3. What’s one habit you would like to give up?
4. Why?
5. What will you replace this habit with?
Notice I’m not guiding you towards dietary habits necessarily since I believe all roads eventually
lead back to your diet. As you may have noticed, how you eat is how you live. So any positive
habits you can instill and any negative habits you can discard will all ultimately lead you to make
better dietary choices.

Your Fitness Challenge from your fitness coach Joyce Wheeler from It's Your Life

If you choose not to do the fitness videos just find something that you like to do. Go for a brisk walk, run, go for a bike ride, but you have to do something. Our bodies are created to move due to so much technology we spend more time sitting than moving.

Your Soul Challenge with you soul coach Diatta Harris from Femme Fitale Fit Club

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