Friday, October 31, 2014

Flash Back Friday

Agh I have been learning about starting an online magazine for days now. I have also been learning about freelance writing for magazines, and neeeeeddddd a break!!!

I got on Pintrest to find my pin for writing a query letter when my board "I Remember This" jumped out at me. I thought why not write a blog on this board, it's fun, and I need some of that right now. Let's play a game I need some fun. I am going to number the images and want you to leave a comment with the number and what it is or was used for. Okay here we go, hold on for a trip into the past.

Photo #1

Photo #2

Photo  #3

Photo #4

Photo #5

Photo #6 what is the name of the doll, or show?

Photo #7

Photo #8


  1. Hi Joyce,
    #1 is curlers for your hair. #2 Swimming cap #3 is for 45 records so you could pay them on a record player, #4 is Maytag wringer washer machine, #5 I'm not sure what that means, #6 Cindy on the Brady Bunch with the doll Mrs. Beasley, #8 is the 1st grade reader - Dick & Jane. How well did I do? Marla

    1. You did pretty good, but #2 is not a swimming cap #5 is a game played in school, and you got the doll's name right, but the show and name of the girl is wrong. You didn't try #7, thanks for playing.