Friday, November 22, 2013

Real Food Fridays Last Link Up

Sorry this is late, I wasn't even going to post this until I saw my good friend, fellow blogger did. I was so discouraged as I was going through the link ups from last week, I was done. All we asked was for family friendly posts of real food with no GMO ingredients. Unfortunately it appears we still have a lot of work to do as it seems people still don't know what GMOs are or real food.

It’s Your Life

We will continue to create Real Food Friday posts, and we started a group on Facebook for Real Food Bloggers. Feel free to join the group, but note that if you do not post real food posts, your request to join will be denied. For those who host, and co-host this link up it was our desire to educate others about real food, and GMOs. I know there are others out there who share our passion, we ask you to join us each Friday by posting a Real Food recipe, and sharing it on the Facebook group.

For those of you who followed our few little rules, thank you.

Your hosts are Mary from Back to the Basics, and Mary's Kitchen along with Joyce from It's Your Life.

                     Your co-hosts are

I was not going to post any features, but feel that is not fair to those who did post real food recipes. So, I took some time to finish browsing the rest of the blogs.

I liked the idea of Holiday Baking Preparations from A Life In Balance.

What would Thanksgiving be without A Real Food Thanksgiving from Learning and Yearning.

If you have been featured on any of the blogs hosting/co-hosting this link up your post will be pinned to the Real Food Fridays board on Pintrest.

Important: We have decided Real Food Fridays will continue!!!!!!


  1. Sorry to see Real Food Friday go, but certainly understand. Unfortunately I wouldn't be able to share on the FB unless I can get my FB connection working. I will continue with Tuesday With a Twist. See you there. Have a healthy happy day!

  2. I'm sorry that things did not work out.

  3. Marla if you are unable to post I get your posts via email I can share for you. You have alot of great posts to share.

    Mary and I will be writing Real Food Fridays posts, you can join us if you want. It would be great if more bloggers would just post a real food post entitled Real Food Fridays, maybe others will join us.

  4. So sorry to see the link-up is over, as I only just found it today while looking for real food blog parties.
    I would love to join the FB group but on the page I can't see a way to join the closed group. Is it possible you could send an invite? My facebook profile is here: and my website here:
    Regards, Ally

  5. Please don't be discouraged. The GMO debacle is run by people with a lot of money; combine that with regular people just having difficulty making changes, and you have a long term project. You have a good message -- so keep giving it. Bit by bit, person by person, you make a change.

  6. Joyce, I would really appreciate that. I am working on trying to get the connection fixed but so far no luck. You are wonderful! Marla

  7. I may be guilty of inadvertently breaking your rules. I've posted 'from scratch' recipes in the past, assuming that to mean real food, but honestly couldn't say whether any of the ingredients were GMO. I've enjoyed this link-up... sorry to see it go!

  8. Jennn, I appreciate your honesty, like I said I think part of the problem is not everyone is aware of what GMOs are. We love from scratch recipes, we don't love GMOs.

    This comment is a help to improve this link up which we decided will continue due to all the comments we are getting.