Tuesday, August 20, 2013


When I first started doing planks I hated them now I love them and appreciate the benefits my body gets from them.

For those who think I am talking about wood, I'm not. A plank is an exercise used to strengthen your core. The core is our torso, and it is very important to have a strong core. Plus they are a great way to strengthen your back with very little stress. At the same time they help to tone up the stomach, my weak area, and build upper body strength.

Planks are similar to a push up with out the up and down motion, instead you just hold it. Doesn't sound fun does it? At first it is hard, but as your core gets stronger it becomes easier.

What you need, comfortable clothes, and an exercise mat or something soft under your elbows and knees.

When starting out be sure to keep your body in line, don't hang your head down, don't let your butt go up in the air, or your let your abs hang, and remember to breath. It's good to use a mirror when starting out so you can make sure your form is correct. When starting out try to hold the position for a least 30 seconds. Watch this video for proper way to lift up to prevent back pain and injury.

Once you are comfortable with this position you can than lift the knees off the floor. Watch the video to make sure your form is correct.

Do the same thing as you did with the first position. You can than start to incorporate lifting one leg off the ground, alternating between legs. Do six on each side, rest than repeat, watch the video. You can also move the leg out to the side, again alternating legs with the same amount of reps.

Once you have mastered the previous positions it's time to get you self in a full plank position. It is important to remember when in this position not to lock your knees or elbows. The position of your hands is not important so make sure you are comfortable however, your wrists need be under your shoulders, see it in action here.
After this point you can have some real fun, there are so many ways to do planks. Try doing a side plank.

Beginner Position   

To make the beginner position more effective work your obliques (side of the abs) by lifting and lowering the hip towards the floor. Increase the intensity by putting your top leg out and incorporate the obliques by doing the same as above.
Now try the full side plank, you can have your feet on top of each other or put one slightly out to the side, then incorporate the hip dip. More variations can seen on this video.

Those are all the basics, you can find more variations on YouTube. Oh but first a last image of my favorite way to do a plank. I love this because you are not only working the core, but getting rid of back flap using a row, want see it live click here.

I use to have lower back pain when ever I stood up for an hour or more, since I started doing planks I no longer have that issue. It is recommended you consult a professional health practitioner before starting any exercise program.

Do you plank?


  1. I miss yoga. I need to get myself back into this habit. I absolutely loved getting rid of all my stress!

    Thanks for sharing on A Humble Bumble's Healthy Tuesdays, I hope you will join us again next week!
    Kerry from Country Living On A Hill

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