Friday, August 16, 2013

Food Changes

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When I talk to others about genetically modified food, if they listen they want to know what we eat. At first I knew nothing about organic, but knew I wanted to know everything about what we were putting in our bodies. Most of our food comes from the Green Polka Dot Box, I found them to be the cheapest, and feeding two teen age boys cost plays an important factor.

I searched through various products going to the web site of each one to see how they processed the food, where the ingredients were coming from, and checking for BPAs.

I found Annie's and love that while we no longer make Hamburger Helper we now have a replacement. Also for our mac cheese, graham crackers, granola bars, and condiments.  We love a variety of mustard, and Annie's carries all of our favorite yellow, Dijon, and honey. Our salad dressings have all been replaced with Annie's along with or Worcestershire sauce and BBQ sauce. You can view all Annie's products at their web site there is also a store locator.

While I order our food off the internet, I have seen Annie's in our local Winn Dixie, and I'm told that Target carries it, and if you ask Walmart to carry a brand they will. Beware that they will cost more purchased at a store, Green Polka Dot Box is definitely the cheapest. However, they do not carry all the Annie's products and are sometimes out. Making changes is not easy, but hopefully I have helped ease the change a little.

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  1. Found you on Real Food Fridays. I love Annie's especially for LO. I try VERY hard to feed him organic foods. Was happy to find out how easily accessible these foods now are. I just saw a case of Annie's mac & cheese at BJ's this weekend!