Sunday, June 9, 2013

Dressing a Chicken With the Farmer

 This post contains graphic images.

A friend and I are trying to live a more self sufficient life, so we made a list of all the things we want to lean how to do. Like making soap from lye, identifying herbs in the wild, and yeap dressing a chicken. Well  not long after we made the list my husband and I were talking with one of the many local farmers in the area. He happened to mentioned he would be dressing some roosters soon. Well my loving husband pipes "She wants to know how to do that." Well I told my friend about, and yesterday morning we met to learn how to dress a chicken.

I didn't know what to expect, my husband has taken the life of a chicken for food, and told me once you chop the head off you have to watch out because the fling blood everywhere. This is something I really wanted to know how to do, but was afraid how my body would react to all that blood.

What you're kidding me, after the farmer used a machete to severely sever the throat of the roosters they ran around, but blood did not going flying everywhere.

After the roosters stopped twitching the farmer put them in this big bucket which was filled with water that one hundred and ninety degrees. This makes it easier to pluck the feathers, and let me tell it works!

Look how easily the feathers just pull out, really you don't have to pull at all.

Removing the feathers went a lot faster than I thought, nothing like what you see in the movies.

A couple of times we dunked them back in to remove loss feathers and loosen up others.

Look no blood!!! I thought for sure when they cut the rooster open there would be all kinds of blood and I would barf for sure, but no!!!!!

My friend is carefully cutting out some inners for her self and her dogs. If you are thinking is she holding the rooster b---s, yes she is.

So, now I have two dressed chickens in my freezer, thank you farmer. Looking forward to going back and doing it again, after all practice makes perfect.

Do you have a list to become more self sufficient? What's your top priority?

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  1. That's the gizzard ;-) Glad you had a chance to experience this first hand! I butcher all the chicken that our family eats, because I want to know that it lived and died humanely.

    Thanks so much for sharing on The Creative HomeAcre Hop!
    Hope to see you again tomorrow at: