Thursday, May 26, 2016

Hot Dogs & Eggs

When I was younger my mom use to fry up hot dogs split in half and create a sandwich. Such memories, I also remember eating eggs with ketchup, really? I did that? This morning I wanted something different, so I decided to fry up some hot dogs with onions and add some eggs.

About the Meat

While I am a meat eater I do not want any animal to live a horrible life, be treated cruely, eat something other than the natural vegetation they were created to it, or die in a inhumane way. It is for this reason that I learn everything I can about where my meat is coming from and all of the above. We usually buy Organic Prarie, but they were out, so we bought Hebrew Nation instead. 

Hebrew Nation is kosher which if you know anything about kosher is just as good as organic. They have a great taste, are pricy, but sometimes Target has them on sale, so I keep my eyes for that. Okay let's get cooking


Hot dog or dogs
3 - 4 Eggs
Seasonings of choice I used pepper, garlic, dill, and paprika

What To Do

While you dice the onions get the butter melted, toss in the onions, and let them cook as you cut up the dog/dogs then toss those puppies in. Let them cook until they brown on each side, add the eggs, seasoning, and chow down.

Have you ever had fried hot dogs?
What else would you add to this dish?

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  1. HI Joyce,
    Sounds good. We started buying organic grass fed non-cured hot dogs that my husband says are delicious. Of course we buy farmer's fresh eggs locally too. Luckily we live in an area where we can buy local organic fresh meats which I am so glad because I have seen the prices at the chain grocery stores and we are paying half the amount. Tweeted & Pinned.

  2. There is such a difference in the taste. Personally I like the Hebrew Nation brand better. There is a local farmer's market that carries various meats, but they are not cheaper than the store, but I do prefer to support the local farmers. Thanks for stopping by and sharing.