Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Ear Seeds for Auriculotherapy

While I was on Twitter one day I noticed a tweet on ear seeds. My curiosity got the best of me and I had to find out what they were. Auriculotherapy could be described as reflexology for the ear. Just as the bottom of our feet and the palms of hands have points that lead to other parts of the body, so does the ear.

                                                  About The Founders is a family owned business started by Licensed Acupuncturist Elie Goldschmidt and his wife, Tova Gold.
Elie was looking for a way to manage his back pain. He knew acupuncture could help but wasn’t capable of needling himself. Although ear seeds, used in auriculotherapy, wasn’t a major part of his acupuncture practice, he’d always been fascinated with auriculotherapy.
After seeing pictures of actress Penelope Cruz and Matt Damon wearing ear seeds for stress and back pain, and hearing Dr. Oz discuss the benefits of ear seeds on his show, he figured they might work for him too.
Almost immediately upon applying the ear seeds Elie felt a difference in his back and a release of the pain.
After experiencing such positive results from auriculotherapy for his back pain, Elie knew he wanted to find a way to share the benefits of ear seeds with the masses. While a full acupuncture treatment that includes auriculotherapy is ideal, it can be costly and time prohibitive. Elie knew that the seeds alone could make a big difference for so many people, as it did for him.
Meanwhile, Tova, a veteran branding expert and product designer, was skeptical, but agreed to try the stress protocol. She was blown away by the tangible response she had. General calm replaced a racing mind and she found it increased her ability to focus and concentrate. After learning more about Auriculotherapy and Ear Acupressure, Tova agreed to come on board. Just a few months after Elie conceived the idea, the couple launched

Earseeds Podcast 

On Friday May 27, 2016 we will be talking with Tova and hopefully Elie will be able to join us at some point. Join us via Wolf Spirit Radio to discuss ear seeds, how they work, the seeds they use, and more from 6 - 8 pm central.

If you know of someone who would benefit from this podcast please share. Check out our "Podcasts" page for previous podcasts.

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