Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Tuesdays With a Twist #9 Link Up

I have been so busy networking with others to build a community of self sufficiency. It is important that we get back to the basics  and do things for our selves, and the community. Years ago communities drew together to help each other, we need to get back to this, and stop asking the Federal Government to step in every time their is a natural disaster.

Any way it is time to link up again, rules are simple make it family friendly.

Again we have two features for this week.

From Stone Cottage Adventures: Herbs: A Place to Begin.......Coffee

From Animal Instinct: A Day With Ducks

If you were featured be sure to grab the featured button.

Back to the Basics

Now bloggers it's time to link up!!!!

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  1. Joyce - Thanks for letting me know about your hop! Glad to join in. Now, back to reading all the other posts! Vickie @ Making Our Sustainable Life