Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Working Garden, Plants & Trees

I have two rules when it comes to animals around the house, first is if their natural environment is wild and free than that is where they need to stay. Second is that animals must serve some type of purpose if it be the cats keeping the snakes, and mice at bay, or if they contribute to the dinner table.
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I feel the same way about what I plant around my home, it has to have a purpose, not just look pretty and take up space. The house we currently live in is surrounded by useless bushes, and plants they are either here because they look pretty or serve as ground cover . I am literally surrounded by three types of Zinnias, while they are great for attracting bees, they are no where near the garden. Plus there are other flowers such as marigolds that not only attract bees, but aid in keeping unwanted garden pests out of the garden, and have medicinal proprieties as well, and might I add they are attractive. Currently I have two species of marigolds, one is calendula, and the other is just marigold.

I also have a nice variety of herbs I am growing all can be used to flavor my food, but they also have medicinal properties as well. Take for instance thyme great in season vegetables or breads, but also aids the immune system and more. How about cayenne great on a pizza, or use to relieve pain. I want some peppermint to both keep away the ants that plaque us in the summer, but also for the medicinal benefits. I learned that peppermint should be cut from another plant in order to be beneficial medicinally, so I searched for a resource.
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While I was searching for peppermint plants I found a site called Horizon Herbs. I started looking around their site and found some trees, and shrubs that are pretty amazing, so want the following. Jatropha curcas shrub, dude!!! The seed from this shrub can actually provide biodiesel fuel capable of running a standard diesel engine, plus it also aids in hemorrhoid relief, and more. Then there was this tree the Empress tree, native to china. The leaves from this tree removes carbon dioxide from the air and replaces it with breathable oxygen at twice the rate of other trees. It is also great for shade, making farm trellising, and pharmaceutical grade charcoal.

When you start thinking about plants, trees, or shrubs to plant around your home make sure they will provide something more than just shade, or beauty make sure they will work for you.

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  1. Great post Joyce! I just planted more herbs and flowers for a specific purpose.

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