Friday, June 22, 2012

Healthifing Recipes

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Before my husband I always had to have a recipe to follow. I still use recipes, but I revamp them either for taste or health.

There are certain ingredients I always change in a recipe to make it healthier, oil, and flour. Since learning what I have learned about cooking oils, I use coconut oil to cook with, but peanut oil to bake with. No, white flour here, only wheat flour, so what is the difference? There are various differences when it comes to the two flours.

While both utilize the wheat berry, white flour only contains one part of the berry, while wheat contains the whole the berry. I switched to wheat years ago not knowing why it was better, only that it was. Through the years I learned that white flour products break down quicker in the body leaving you feeling hungry quicker. While the wheat products break down slower leaving you fuller for a longer period of time.

Now the other ingredients I substitute are certain dairy products. I use a fat free, stay away from lite there is not much difference from the regular. Also any types of creams, I use the fat free as well. So, you can go ahead and continue using recipes, just know that because it looks unhealthy does not mean it has to stay that way. Using fresh ingredients whenever possible is another way to create a healthier dish from a not so healthy dish. While this is a shorter post sometimes less is more.

Revamping the recipe for that pumpkin bread up top.

Do you substitute ingredients?

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