Thursday, June 14, 2012

Cleaning Naturally

After viewing a video, which I could not find again, I decided that I needed to change my cleaning products. I am, or was, the type of person that if I did not smell bleach, it was not clean. Here I am taking care of what I am putting into my body with no concern about what my body is absorbing. How many of you are doing this as well? While I could not find the original video I watched, take a look at the one posted.

The video opened my eyes, and I decided to purchase an all purpose cleaning product from Tropical Traditions. I waited for it anxiously to see what my views would be, I mean I love their coconut oil, and everything I have read on their site is very informative. Well, yesterday it came, hallelujah, I had two bathrooms to clean, and this would be the testing ground. Seriously what better place to test a cleaning product. On the bottle it lists all the things you can clean with it, and what it would do.
Photo credit: Tropical Traditions

Okay, so hard to teach an old dog new tricks, what do I do? I grab the toilet bowl cleaner I always use, I can use this new product I just bought, along with the Clorox wipes. This was not easy for me, okay time to clean the mirror, and sink, big test, will it leave smudges, and strikes on the mirror? Yes, it will if you do not use a wet paper towel or rag to wipe it off with, and/or use to much. It does create a lather, so use only a little on mirrors. The other big test was the floor, I wondered if it would leave a sticky substance behind, I sprayed some on the floor, not too much, and used a wet mop to wash. Yeah!!! No sticky floor, for the first time I was able to use one product to clean the whole bathroom. It took me less time, and I did not even have to turn on the fan for ventilation. The room did not smell like bleach, but had a pleasant clean, refreshing smell. I asked my husband to smell, and he said I don't smell anything, sniff again, no chemical smell, he said.

Okay so, I know you can make your own cleaning products which would be cheaper, but I do like this product, and will purchase it again. I will also be trying some homemade products as well, once I do I'll let you know how it goes. However, this was a big step for me, and at least I am trying.

Meanwhile you can watch the video below to learn about cleaning your house naturally. I will also post this under videos for an easy find in the future.

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