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Changing Your Cooking Oil

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 I am back from a much needed vacation, we spent a week in Destin Florida in a rental house. It was an amazing house with a private pool, and minutes from the beach. My husband's son and family shared the house with us, and it was great to his their two young blessings. When we returned home, my daughter and her boy friend were waiting for us. They came to stay about a week from West Tennessee, I could not stop hugging her. Then it was time to prepare the boys for camp, I have been with out them for five days, and will be picking them up this afternoon. With that said on to the blog.

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When I first started cooking and eating coconut oil the one thing that stuck in my mind was, saturated fat. Saturate fats are connected to a variety of health issues most Americans deal with such as, high cholesterol, and heart disease. So, how is it than that coconut oil reaps so many benefits along with aiding in the prevention of the above mentioned?

Well, this called for some research, one of my favorite things to do. It is important to know that when I conduct research I do not just go to one site, and believe what they say, no, I read a variety of web sites looking for consistency in what is being said. I also seek out accredited sites, I do not use sites like Wikipedia, About, or the like. I look for sites where health professionals are present, especially those which are holistic.

There are a lot of accredited sites, or what some individuals would deem accredited, that still state saturated fats are bad for you.However, there are others out there who guide us back through time, and compare the health issues once faced with those which we face today. Also a look at other societies whose diets consist of saturated fats, but do not deal with heart disease or high cholesterol, hmm how is this? After all the government and medical field have said saturated fats are bad. However, they know the truth, but.... "Most doctors have not heard about these findings because medical organizations, notably the American Heart Association, government agencies, and the pharmaceutical industry have ignored them. After all, prescribing statin drugs to lower cholesterol is a $25 billion/year industry."

Many of the articles I have read blame the high rate of heart disease, obesity, diabetes, high cholesterol and more on two things. The first being synthetic oils such as vegetable, and canola, and also on diets consisting of high carbohydrates. These two changes made by the government and medical professional are the recipe for everything mentioned above. Carbohydrates turn into sugar, and while they are great for supplying us with energy too many carbs are not good.

With that said let's take a look at what cooking and baking oils are healthy for us, and are saturated fats. Surprisingly they are all the saturated fats we were told to stay away from, butter, lard, ghee oil, coconut oil, peanut oil and more. Unfortunately I started my research earlier, and can not find the site I was looking for which listed all the oils, sorry. However, you have a good start here, it is important to note that these oils have a long shelf life and do not go rancid like other oils previously mentioned do, which become toxic. Interesting to learn the truth about something, than we wonder why so many people are sick.

I have been cooking with coconut oil, and must say that easy over eggs and coconut are not so yummy, but pair with some turkey bacon or sausage and yummy. When I use it to cook seafood the seasonings I use cover up the taste of the coconut, so in this aspect it is not an issue. However, you could use the expeller pressed coconut oil, which by the way Tropical Traditions has on sale right now. A different process is used for this which makes it have less of a smell or taste, hmm think I will order some, to use in baking. Right now I have been using peanut oil, but because coconut oil has so many health benefits an order maybe in order. 

This does not mean you should consumer mass quantities, make smart choices.

Oh and one more thing, when I was 17 and revamped my diet the first two things to go where salt and carbs. My diet consists of mainly meat, fish, chicken, and turkey. I can do without beef, except I love a good steak now and then, and pork is totally weakness, but it is eaten in moderation. Hmmm maybe the Lord gave me a revelation I just realized.


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