Thursday, July 10, 2014

Natural Remedies for Monthly Cycle

I love this book I have learned so much from it, and it has helped me in various ways with my health. The past two months I have used an herb, rightly named, cramp bark for menstrual cramps. Now this will only benefit you if you know a week ahead of time that the "visitor" is coming. You have to start taking it the week before in order for it to work.

Now it has no direction for use with menstrual cramps on the bottle. I received that information from the book. So, if you buy some be sure to remember to start using it the week before.

Another wonderful herb/weed I learned about through this book is dandelion. Dandelion is the best natural diuretic you can get. This is the first  month I used it, and I did not bloat. I drank two large cups once the week before, and the same again during.

 So forget the over the counter drugs that mask the symptoms, both of these will relieve them.

 I have some awesome news as an affiliate of Mountain Rose Herbs I can offer giveaways. After contacting them it was agreed to giveaway a bottle of camp bark extract, yeah!!! Mountain Rose is where I purchased the cramp bark, but I bought the capsules. The dandelion tea came from Target and is Traditional Medicinals organic brand.

I will start co-hosting Real Food Fridays again starting next week. There will be a number of giveaways on there, so be sure to drop by to see what is being given away along with finding some great real food recipes.

This information is  for educational purposes only. I am not a trained health care professional, so always consult with one before taking any type of herb especially if you are taking other medications, nursing, or pregnant.

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