Thursday, March 14, 2013

It's Not Organic

They (the government, Monsanto) started messing with our food back in the late 80s and 90s. Now that all of our food is contaminated along comes organic foods. I have been eating what everyone is calling organic for a month now. I'm here to tell you that this food called organic is not organic it is real food. 
Photo credit: It's Your Life

The mayonnaise we are eating now tastes the way it used to before they started messing with our food. Butter called "organic" looks the way I remember it looking. When I got my order of butter I was excited because I knew what I was going to see, look at the picture on the right, which one is GMO junk? that's right the one on the right, how many of you remember when butter used to look like the butter on the left? I do!!!

So, why are we calling real food organic? It is not organic and it is FOOD the way it used to be, yes there are some items that are different such as the Ezekiel sprouted bread I eat, but that is just an up on how to produce a healthier product. We no longer refer to our food as organic instead we say no that is not GMO junk. It's not organic food, it is not GMO junk, it's just food.


  1. My dad recnetly brought me some real eggs and they are so amazing! I used to buy actually free range eggs, but I haven't had the chance in a few years. I'm thrilled to have them back again because they really do taste different.

  2. You are so right Natasha real eggs are amazing, and we eat a lot of them. We are blessed to have not one, but resources for real eggs.