Friday, November 29, 2013

A Visitor For The Week

My daughter has been here since last Saturday from West Tennessee. It's nice because the boys always go to winter camp with the church for the weekend before Thanksgiving. My daughter comes down, and we have some mom and daughter time.

We have developed a tradition, we go to the local Renaissance Festival. It's funny the first year we
 took all kinds of pictures, last year a few, and this year not one. Picking up something from the festival has also become a tradition, along with soup in a bread bowl, ohhhhh so good.

Baton Rouge 2013
Wednesday we went to Baton Rouge. It was cold and very windy, I look sad in the picture, not true I was stinking freezing. How she mustered that great smile I don't know. Armed with just that sweater she is now sick sleeping on the couch. She is leaving Sunday, and I feel like I'm missing out on some great time with my Goose. Love how the wind grabbed my hair just as the picture was being taken.
Why Goose? Because she as silly as a goose. She loves taking pictures, and having fun, below are some photos of us having fun. 

West Tennessee we had a nice snow fall, and looked all around for something to make a sled out of. We finally found the car carrier under the porch, and had a blast sliding down the hill.

Just being our silly selves

She loves taking pictures in a vehicle.

Browsing a local unique store.
An outing at Hobby Lobby.
Renaissance Festival 2012

Renaissance Festival 2011

Another vehicle shot
On Thanksgiving we had our first full real food Thanksgiving meal. I found some organic cranberries at Whole Foods, and Goose made them for us using this recipe. It was soooo good, and her first time making it. I have now nominated her as the official cranberry sauce maker for Thanksgiving.

Doesn't this look good?

I don't eat cranberry sauce, but this was on my plate.

Okay, she's awake now, so I'm done sharing. The natural medicine is working well just wish she would realize that is why everyone is getting better so fast. Oh well it took the boys awhile to get with the whole natural thing. Forgot to mention all three of the kiddos are sick. Speaking of looks like it's time for more elderberry syrup, one tablespoon every hour.

Real Food Friday Link Up is going on now through Dec. 2, 2013. Stop by and see what real food others are doing, or link up your real food posts, organic only please. Also it says the last link up, but due to the disappointment of many it will continue.


  1. Looks like you had a great time. I love your pictures. It's sad that your daughter got sick, but I know your have her well in no time with you natural remedies. Cranberry sauce looks great.

  2. How Nice to have this time together. Very sweet pics :)
    I'm following you from the climb blog link up

  3. Yes, it was Debbie, I gotcha ya' back.