Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Busy Days

I have been busy these days with the magazine, creating a  web site for it, and attending events and farmer's markets to promote it. We have some exciting new columns coming up in the magazine. The first is a column called "Ask the Doctor" and "Ask the Gardner." If you would like to know more about these two columns and how to submit a question follow the links.

We spoke and had a promo table at the New Orleans Veggie Fest. This vegan event takes place once a year for two days, Saturday and Sunday. It is a project of the Louisiana Humane Society. I met alot of awesome people and was right across from Eden foods. The history of this company is amazing and I am hoping to have the founder Michael Potter on the magazine's Blog Talk Radio. Yes, this is something else we are doing. We will talk with the contributors of the magazine to get to know them on a more personal level and I am scouting out others whose knowledge of natural living will benefit the readers. Enough about what we are doing let's check out some of the food vendors at the fest.

3 Potato 4 organic/vegan
I took some pictures at Veggie Fest with my phone, but don't know how to get them on my computer, so I am using the vendors photos. New Orleans is a very colorful town with purple doors and bright green steps. Of course they offer alot of great food like rosemary red skinned potatoes with chipotle sauce from 3 Potato 4 in New Orleans, so good. This is actually owned by one of my Facebook friends and they will be moving to the French Market. All their food is organic and vegan offering three types of potatoes and a nice selection of sauces.

Breads on Oak
Breads on Oak also located in New Orleans is a full fledged bakery offering homemade breads and sweets. All their goodies are made fresh daily and they use only organic ingredients. Their vegan brownies are to die for. If you are every in New Orleans stop in they also have soup and sandwiches with both vegan and non-vegan options.

The fest was held at the Healing Center which is home to the New Orleans Food Co-op. They had samples of Tasty cookies and some organic vegan cheese which was excellent. The co-op is set up as a store and you can become a member to receive discounts. I'm glad they were in there as we did not bring drinks. It was nice to know we could go in there and not have to read labels.

Good Karma Prasad Cage
Southern man bought a plate full of vegan yummies from the Good Karma Cafe. The broccoli fritters served with a zesty tomato sauce was my favorite. Although they also made a cucumber salad with some other goodies that was divine and refreshing. Looking at their menu I want to say it was the live avocado delight which includes avocado, tomato, cucumber, sprouts, and it tasted like it was mixed in with Veganaise. They serve breakfast and lunch Monday - Saturday and everything is organic and vegan, no animal products here folks.

While we walked away with 33 emails geared towards the magazine I am thrilled to know we have so many restaurants to chose from whenever we visit New Orleans.

Southern man and I just purchased smart phones because with three businesses we felt we needed them. Now however, I have a phone that is smarter than I am.We have our first retailer carrying our healing salve another one who is willing to sell it and plan on taking some road trips to promote the magazine and healing salve. It is an exciting time here and I am blessed to have southern man for a husband, he supports everything I do. Not only that, but he has business sense and is a financial guru.

Was World Peace Day now it's Peace Fest

Next month we are going to be promoting the magazine at the Peace Fest in Baton Rouge. I am excited by this event because while it has the name peace in it, it is a natural living festival. After that who knows, does your home town have a fest geared towards natural living? If so I would like to know about it, it could even be a vegan fest like the Veggie Fest is.

The last bit of information I want to share with you is about my daughter. When we are together we become very creative, but on her own she is also creative. This morning I found a link to a video she made that she sent me on Facebook. It is a DIY where she shows you how to up scale Gloosybox Boxes. For those who may not know Glossybox is a business you subscribe to and you receive a box of goodies once a month. From what my daughter has told me the box is full of a variety of beauty products.


  1. Great pictures, they made me very hungry! Thanks for sharing!

    Visiting from the Healthy Happy and Green blog hop

    1. Thanks for stopping by and if you are ever in New Orleans you know where to go for a bit to eat.

  2. New Orleans is definitely one of the places I would like to visit with my family. And now I know where to stop for a byte to eat. ;)

    Thanks so much for being a part of our Wordless Wednesday Party

    1. Thanks for stopping by Jay. New Orleans is most definitely a unique town to visit. There is always something going on, happy to help.

  3. Wow, you really have been busy. I am so happy that you are moving along with your magazine content and promotion. It's so exciting! IThank you for sharing your lwonderful experiences with us at the Healthy Happy Green and Natural Party! I am pinning and sharing!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Deborah, yes we have been busy and still are. Thanks for hosting great parties all week.

  4. You have been busy! Thanks for sharing at #HomeMattersParty

  5. I live right over the bridge in Fairhope, AL. I have got to get back to NO and try out some of these places! Good luck with the magazine. Hard work and busy days should pay off!!!