Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Crustless Bacon, Cheese, & More Quiche

Lately I have been on a quiche kick, I am literally craving it on a regular basis. We bought some from Fresh Market, but it was 10 BUCKS!!!! I can make my own for less than this and I can do without the crust. I set out to find a recipe to use as a place to start, after all I never follow recipes.

Fist off all the ones I viewed required milk, sour cream, or half and half of which none did I have. As you will see my friends I found a solution for that. Now I knew I wanted to make a big portion to feed the teens and have some left over for me and southern man for breakfast. It was for this reason I used the 12 egg recipe as a starting point, but that was it.

Crustless Bacon, Cheese & More Quiche

1 lb Turkey bacon
Coconut oil
12 Cage free eggs
1 6 oz pkg Mexican Blend Cheese
1/2 C Pacific Cream Of Mushroom  Soup
1/2 C Filtered water
1/2 Can Petite diced tomatoes fire roasted with chipotle peppers
Pepper, Sea Salt, ChivesAll-Purpose Seasoning Minced Onion, and minced garlic to taste

Preheat the oven on 350

Put some coconut oil in a pan to cook the bacon in this helps to make it nice and crispy. While the bacon is cooking  add the rest of the ingredients in a bowl. After the bacon has cooked and cooled crumble it up into smaller pieces

My hope was that the bacon would be crisp enough to put in a baggie and crush with a rolling pin, but that did not happen. Some of it did and I added that to the bowl using my fingers to break off the other pieces into smaller ones.

I love cooking shows and learned a trick from one of them. You see the first time I made quiche it was not seasoned properly, so I used a ladle to put some in a pan and cook it. Once it was cooked I was able to taste it and make sure it was seasoned well enough. I had the teens each take a taste to make sure it met with their approval. Once the taste test was complete it was into the dish and the oven to bake.

The cream of mushroom soup worked well to replace the milk, but next time I think I will use the whole box. I think this will give it a more creamy texture.


  1. This sounds really good. I can't have the turkey bacon ,but soy chorizo would be great in this.

    1. Thanks for visiting Michelle, it was good. I have never heard of soy chorizo have to check that out.

  2. Sounds really good Joyce. I shared on twitter and Pinned. Have a healthy happy day!

  3. This sounds really good! We love bacon, of course. So I'm going to have to try this ! Thanks! I'm glad I found you on Pintastic Pinterest Party #59. Pinned to my "Bacon" board! And following you (jody53)

  4. Hi again. I"m trying to follow you on Pinterest, but the link doesn't work, so I searched but I can't find it. If you want to send me the link, I'll follow. Thanks!