Thursday, March 5, 2015

New Online Magazine Opportunities

I'm both honored and excited to announce the upcoming launch of the magazine named after this blog. There was a struggle with the name of the magazine, but it was determined that "It's Your Life" fits with the natural living theme of the magazine.

With a desire to educate others in how to live a happy, healthy, natural life the name of the blog seemed to fit. After all it is your life and you have choices to make in regards to how you live it. Do you want to continue living sick and tired or are you sick and tired of it? Now this magazine gives no guarantees, but instead seeks to open minds to the various health and mental problems many suffer. What most do not know is how complex our bodies and minds truly are and what it can take to make or keep them healthy.

Through my journey to a happy, healthy, natural lifestyle I have learned alot and continue to learn. Sharing the experiences I have had personally and the inspiration of others who have also overcome physical and mental health problems without drugs is what this magazine brings to its readers. Striving for a unique magazine that has never been done before we have come up with some great ways to help our readers lead a happy, healthy, natural lifestyle.

What You Will Find in Our Magazine
  • Unique articles geared towards natural healing of various health and mental problems 
  • Articles geared towards physical fitness its importance and the many benefits it brings
  • Self sufficiency on various levels rather you just want to grow your own food or strive to be totally off the grid
  • How to avoid GMOs (genetically modified organisms) and improve your health along with unique recipes
  • Superfoods are important for our bodies as they bring various vitamins and minerals other foods do not. 
  • Herbs for health, healing, and growing
  • Detoxing and avoiding heavy metals and other toxins
  • World news that makes a difference to our health
  • The mind is a terrible thing to waste yet so many of us do find out how powerful your mind is and how it can bring you peace, happiness, and financial freedom
  • You will be introduced to coaches who can make a difference in various aspects of you life.
  • Homeschooling is an important part of the natural living lifestyle as our children were given to us to raise and bring up. Each issue will include a topic with links for study, knowledge, and fun.
  • All advertisements will be geared towards natural living if it be those who create, provide, or can bring to us something that effects our life in a positive manner.
This magazine incorporates all these topics into one magazine by writers who are either living what they write about or have a strong passion for the mentioned topics. 

Call To Action
  • We are seeking more bloggers passionate about these topics to write for us in exchange for advertisement with a live link and bio.
  • If you have a product you would like to advertise geared towards natural living we will do it in exchange for a link to the online magazine on your site, will include a live  link time span to be determined.
  • FREE issue for those who will put up a link to the magazine in their sidebar for that issue
  • If you have a topic you would like to see written about that no one else has addressed email me @
These terms are for a limited time only to be determined.

The deadline for the first magazine is Monday March 16, 2015 contact Joyce Wheeler editor, writer, publisher, and co-designer for more information @

April is Autism Awareness Month if you or someone you know has dealt with this health problem naturally we want to hear from you. We are seeking an article on a family who done this and know that they are out there. So, many families deal with autism and they need to know that if caught early enough it can be eliminated.

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  1. Hi Joyce,
    I am so delighted that you are launching this wonderful new magazine devoted to a healthy, happy, natural lifestyle. I am so glad you shared this announcement with us at the Plant-based Potluck Party. I appreciate it. I am pinning and sharing thls.