Friday, May 16, 2014

Yes, We Can Heal Ourselves

Since I moved to Louisiana in 2010 I have struggled with various health issues. While they have set me back in doing the things I need to do around the house, or working out, I am thankful. Why? Because I have learned that through exercise and food I can heal my self and be healthy.

I have learned so much about my eating habits and how it has effected my health. First I dealt with low potassium, and used Emergen-C to rise my potassium, but was left with no energy. A phone call to my herbalist led me to Hibiscus which I continue to drink two glasses a day, love it over ice.

Then one day I went to scramble eggs and couldn't, nor could I write my name or type. I thought I had a stroke, a visit to the local health store proved I did not. In stead I found out I have familial tremors, it is hereditary, and incurable. After reading a chapter in Rosemary Gladstar's book Herbal Recipes for Vibrant Health which taught me that both bee pollen and nutritional yeast aid the nervous system. I can now type, scramble eggs, my signature is not up to par, but is getting better all the time.

Oh I can't forget the terrible tooth ache which made my lower jaw bulge as if I had a giant jaw breaker in my mouth. For that I found that  Oregano Oil once a day, 2 tsp of Organic Ground Turmeric Root in a 8 oz cup of coconut juice three times a day, be sure to mix before every drink, along with Silver Biotics ten sprays three times a day had the pain and swelling gone within four days. Now it was working all the time, but that is the time it took to get totally back to health. I must add I have not had a problem with that tooth since and it has been months.

My latest issue has been high blood pressure and  my PH level is too acidic. I have had low energy every since I moved to Louisiana and I believe this has been the issue all along. While on vacation I took some books with I purchased one Food Combining: Better Health--The Natural Way and The Amazing Acid Alkaline Cookbook. Though the second book is more of a cookbook there is some great information in it. The first book is small, but jammed back with great information which I started applying right away.

Let me back up a minute my symptoms were sores developing on my finger tips along the nail, and by my cuticles. When our bodies are to acidic the acids start to store them selves in fat cells. I did not gain weight, but fat, even my regular exercise was not eliminating the fat.

I started drinking filtered water, and I am not a water drinking person part of the problem. At a local store in Tennessee geared toward organic foods I purchased a container of mixed nuts, seeds, with some raisins along with a vegetable wrap with hummus. A big animal product eater I cut out a big portion of the items I eat substituting them with vegan products, which I have to say I love. After just a couple of days of my new habits I noticed the fat starting to fade. Each day I see greater results, and guess what I have more energy yeah!!!

A friend of mine told me about a series of videos geared towards health on Amazing Discoveries dot TV called Healthy From the Inside Out. These videos are online, there are thirteen videos in all each over an hour long. Currently I am on the fourth video, and the information I am learning is incredible. All the information I am hearing so far makes sense, you know the reason most people have excess weight is due to toxin in the stomach? We detox various organs in our bodies, but not our stomach's.

I am not big on drinking water, or eating vegetables, but since I have started I now crave them. I look forward to getting healthy by eating the foods I was created to eat. There are days when I eat no meat at all and others were I do as directed in the book on Combining Foods by garnishing with meat. Instead of using vegetables as a garnish the book states we should garnish our vegetables with meat.

If you are experiencing a health issue I encourage you to watch the video series and learn how others healed them selves by changing their diet and regained better health. We do not need drugs to muff symptoms, we need to learn how to heal what is allying us and we can do this. If we can not be completely healed we can at least have a better quality of life.

 I am not a professional health care professional I seek only to educate and share my personal experience. Always consult a professional health care professional before starting any type of lifestyle change.


  1. Joyce,
    Thanks so much for stopping by!!
    I have tons of old magazines including those that I have torn pages out of and keep on file but I thought if I posted my favorite pics, i could then pin them on a pinterest board and save them so I could still look at them but still get rid of some clutter.

    I will be posting more in the future!!


  2. Joyce thanks for recommending the series of videos. I've booked marked the site and will try to find a chance to watch them.

  3. Wow, thank you so much for sharing this at Savoring Saturdays! I'm definitely going to check out those videos.