Friday, July 19, 2013

What is TPP & How It Effects You

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TPP????? Never heard of it what does it stand for? Trans Pacific Partnership. This agreement currently is being constructed and being gone over by 600 corporations and 10 countries, U.S. is one of them. Oh but wait it is being done in secret and not even the press or congress is allowed in, ohhhhh? Why so secretive?

Because while they are referring to the TPP as a trade agreement, it is not. In all actuality it is just another way to protect big corporations enabling them to make more money at our expense. The TPP contains laws for the big corporations stating that if laws are set into place by states or countries they can be sued for hindering their profits. States or countries will need to attend a court set up specifically for this purpose, and run by the corporations them selves. That's right it would be a no win situation and states or countries would have to pay retributions to which ever company felt is was being hindered.

This would effect every part of our lives from the clothes we buy, to our jobs, health, food, and even the internet. It also would allow for Monsanto to over turn any labeling laws which have gone into effect, and sue the states for profit loss. This is concerning because what will happen next? Will they sue farmers for not using their product, causing them to lose profits? How about those growing their own food? Will they be able to sue us for hindering their profits?

Congress is in charge of any and all trade agreements concerning the U.S. oh that's right they are not even allowed to view the agreement. Why is that? Because the President has requested  "Fast Track" authority. What is fast track? It is when congress forfeits their duties to the president allowing the president to decide rather or not to pass the trade agreement. Congress is out for August contact them and tell them not to give the TPP fast track.

To find out more about TPP agreement and/or take action visit Expose the TPP web site. You can also download a script for calling, or a letter to email here. You may also want to join them on Facebook.


  1. This is scary!!! Have you ever seen the movie/series Continuum. The corporations run the government.

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